Monday, April 25, 2016

SAHM Update

So I'm 7 months deep into my Stay At Home Mom status.

There are days where I ache for some social interaction with adults - any banter that doesn't involve a cryptic to understand some of the toddler babble.

There are days where I'm relieved I don't have to get all dressed up and rush off to a day filled with awkward/unwanted conversations and forced smiles to pass the day.  I can "relax" [I use that term losely] and hang out with my mini me.  I can throw dinner in the crockpot first thing in the morning, meanwhile clean the house, maybe read a few books [Pete the Cat is where it's at people!], clean up toys about 5x before noon, and run some errands before it's someone's nap time [okay, my nap time].  Honestly, there are some days I can't wait for that time of the day.  For those of you who aren't familiar - yet, it's similar to when you're working out and you can't wait to finish your set.  So you start breaking down your reps or time into smaller increments to make yourself feel [at least mentally] that you're almost done.

Regardless, I am so grateful that I'm lucky enough to stay home and raise/teach my Toddler.  I wish I could have done the same with my Little Big Man.

However, I've gradually fell into line with all the other yoga pant loving, jogging stroller pushing Moms.  

*On another note - the attire around here seems to be fitness clothing galore.  I ventured out to San Diego one day and almost every chick I saw, young/old/skinny/thick/chunky/lumpy/pretty/ugly/#YouNameIt, was rocking some Lululemon leggings paired with a Nike pullover and Nike shoes.  I sometimes feel like I'm overdressed in jeans and a sweatshirt. It's almost like someone up above is trying to drop me a big fat hint by rubbing fitness all up in my face.

If you didn't know - I'm currently enrolled in school :) - now you know.  I'm taking online classes to graduate with a certificate in Business Administration.  Might I add -- It sure is time consuming!  Each lesson presentation and quiz/test that follows takes approximately 2 HOURS!  [key word, approximately.  You try tucking in a toddler SEVERAL times and try to do your school work... In a two story house]  I also have to complete the reading assignments, respond to discussion questions, and complete an assignment to submit to my instructor at the end of every module I complete...  Whew...  I'm still working on finding my balance and managing my time a little better.  -->Insert your helpful advice here<--

 I'm still friendless [boo hoo meh].  My neighbors (to the right) seem really nice.  We've only exchanged some friendly banter in passing and she brought over deviled eggs on Easter [ERMAHGURD I love deviled eggs!]  So in return I baked some cookie brownies and brought some over as a thank you.  Other than that I'm usually cooped up inside binge watching Netflix, cleaning, cooking, or entertaining my very active toddler {formally known as my Newbie}.  I'm open to meeting new people and I know I have quite some time to do so.  I just miss being able to have lunch or grab some coffee with my Dad/Sis or my girl friends.

I'm not sure if I ever shared this, but when we were still in NC we made dinner time an "electronics-free" time - no phones or anything else at the table.  I value family time a lot and can't stand when everyone [including myself] has their face buried in their phone.  So for the past two months or so we've made Fridays our "Family Movie Night" with the same rules applied.  We watch a kid friendly movie and leave the electronics in the other room.  I'm actually surprised that my Little Big Man really enjoys it since it's ALWAYS a kid movie he's "already seen" and I can't help but notice my husband gets a little excited when we finally make it to Friday [other than the fact the work week is over].

I had some different, hopeful expectations about this place, but I'm adapting like I always do.  My goal is to make the best out of this duty station.

Until next time --