Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I can honestly say I put in 100% or more.

I feel like I put myself out there a lot. I share my thoughts and my feelings. I do what I think is right or what I should do.  

I have respect for my husband and my marriage.  

When anyone comes at me and knows I’m married, I shut that shit down!  [Ok… and maybe even flash that bling on my left ring finger]  Any of my ex-‘s that I still had on any of my social media accounts, I removed. If I had any pictures on any of my social media accounts of an ex or a pic with an ex, I removed it. If I had any numbers in my phone that was an ex or anyone I was intimate with, I deleted it. If I happen to come across a picture or a post or comment on any social media that was pertaining to a past flame, I deleted it.  If someone from my past randomly texted/emailed/msgd me I keep it short & sweet and TELL my hubby.


In my eyes, I don’t want my husband to see that kind of stuff.  He may not care because it was in the past, but I do!  I think it’s disrespectful.  I respect his feelings.  When I come across stuff like that – it sucks and tends to piss me off - A LOT.  

TIME OUT! I have the perfect example. Let me share something that happened not too long ago:  

I have a public Instagram page. One day, I checked my phone and saw I had some “Likes” on some of my pictures, but one caught my eye. I recognized the name; I’ve seen her page before [no shame in my game]. However, the “Like” was gone when I viewed my pic. Which could only mean one thing – it was on accident.  I found the slip up comical. So I did what I do best, make fun of the situation. She was lurking, no big deal. So she took it upon herself to comment on my pic, calling herself out. We went back & forth, not arguing [at least I didn’t think so], just playful cattiness. I know in the past, before I actually knew of her, I had clicked on her page before & figured out on my own who she was because of some of the pics she still has up.  

She has pics of her and my husband when he graduated boot camp and even pics from before then. Why she keeps them up… Hell if I know. I think it’s odd, but whatevs. 


Even though I didn’t exist to him at the time, it still hurts. He’s supposed to be the love of my life. So I don’t want to imagine him thinking how gorgeous, etc. any other female is. It really kills my vibe. Afterwards, I feel like the compliments he gives me mean nothing because he’s already used that line on someone else.

Maybe I’m just loyal.

Too loyal.

Is that possible?

I expect the same in return.  


Seriously though – I give my all and don’t get a lot of it back in return.

No, I will not sit back and just deal with it; that is not how *I* work. If I have an issue and I tell you about it and you decide not to fix it, then count me out.  

In simpler terms – I’m done. 

I'm the type that will only take so much and then lose interest.   It’s a turn off and I’ll want nothing to do with you.  I will not devote a majority of my time to something that just isn’t working.   I refuse to stress over things I have no control of.   So as of now my focus has changed along with my priorities. I’ve kind of taken a step back and re-evaluated my life.

You should try it!

My philosophy has and will always be "You have to give respect to earn respect".  If you can't show me respect, then don't expect it from me.



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