Wednesday, September 16, 2015

You Can Do It

At least that's what I keep telling myself.  Thank God for coffee - I'm not joking, it's my Pre-Workout.

Good morning everyone!

As I stated in my last blog post I have begun my fitness journey.  Guess what!?  I STILL hate it.

I've already heard "you don't need to workout, you're already skinny"...  No, just staaahp.  Like every other female on this damn planet I am my own worst critic.  I see what I don't like about myself and that's what matters to me.  I don't care if anyone thinks I'm skinny or I'm fat.  I'm worried about what *I* see and what *I* don't like.

I am working out because I want to be skinny.  I know it's recommended to work out to be -fit- & -healthier-, but at the moment I'm thinking SKINNY.  In my opinion I think that's where most people start.  You see yourself in the mirror and dread seeing your reflection; at least that's how it is for me.  I think a lot of fitness journeys begin at the thought of wanting to be skinny, but once you've got that routine down it's all about being more fit and being healthier and nothing is wrong with that.

I, however, am still trying to find the motivation.

In the past, when Monday came back around I was dreading it because I knew what the day entailed - work, cooking, cleaning, soccer practices, softball games, etc.  Now when Monday pops back up I dread it because I know I have to do - my daily workout. 

I'm doing it [and doing it, and doing it well - oh why helluuur LL].

I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror and think "DAMN I look fiiiiiiine!"...  I don't want to feel like I need to hide from my Husband when I'm changing or feel the urge to turn off the lights when we're bumping uglies so he doesn't see me [bwahaha] or feeling excited about rockin' a bikini and not feeling like I have to cross my hands across my stomach to hide it.  Yes, I have done all of the above.  I want to feel good about myself when I see me naked [way to sound vain].  Of course I decided to be all hot & skinny when Fall hits...  aka Sweater Weather...

Although, I will admit I am proud of how far I have come.

There have been mornings where I felt like puking while working out, but I pushed through it.  There are even times where I feel like it is impossible to accomplish some of the exercises, but I do it.  When I began my fitness journey I couldn't even plank for more than 30 seconds; you're supposed to hold it until you fail.  Today I did it for 1 minute, every single time.  Not only that, but I beat my 2 week quitting stage.  I'm already on Phase 2, week 3

I'm not at that stage where it becomes "addicting" - I don't foresee that ever happening, but I won't say it will "never" happen. 

I have my good and bad days.  I've already contemplated quitting because I don't feel skinnier and I don't see any changes, but I am definitely feeling SORE.  I'm still hoping for quick results [I can dream, right?]  So if you are thinking about getting fit or aren't as motivated - DO it; just get up an do it. 


Monday, September 7, 2015

Hello, Stay At Home Mom

Good morning beautiful people!

So September 1st, 2015 marked the start of a new era for me.

I am officially a Stay At Home Mom.  I don't want to say it's my new "job" because it's not a job - I'm just being a Mom.

So for all you asses who assume that title means:
  • Sleeping all day
  • Binge watching Netflix [what I honestly was hoping]
  • Snackage all day
  • Pampering myself
  • Meeting up with girlfriends doing nothing
  • Blowing through money

You are WRONG.

My schedule may differ from some of you.  My plan is to have my Newbie to have a schedule similar to what he had when he was still enrolled in daycare.  So I still get up early in the morning and make sure my Little Big Man is up and getting ready for school.  Then when it's time the three of us take a nice short walk down the street to walk my Little Big Man to school, BUT not before I make my pre-workout - COFFEE.  Once the two us return home I make him breakfast and turn on one of his shows.  I should add that I've become a big fan of Curious George.  I'm also going to add "expert in singing and reenacting children show's songs/dances" to my resume; Little Einsteins, Special Agent Oso, and Chuggington are how we roll.  Once he's done with breakfast I get him situated and then I do my  NEW daily 30-minute workout.

***Yup, I now workout.  I'm assuming my Husband became tired of hearing me bitch about how gross I feel/look.  So for once he took the initiative and purchased a workout plan for me from HIITMAX.  I'm still debating if I should feel insulted or thankful...  [we'll get back to that I'm sure].  If you know me then you know how much I despise working out!  I don't enjoy the whole feeling sore shit - it's a sign that you're either making progress or doing it incorrectly... yay?  Did I mention how much I hate working out???  I normally quit within 2 weeks.  I'm a fan of QUICK results...  Which with working out it takes patience aaaaand results take more than 2 weeks to make a debut.  Today I've began Week 2 of Phase 1 :)

Anyways - Once I'm done with my workout and get all  nice and squeaky clean [sweat is not my thing either] I make us lunch.  Which I didn't realize it would be such a pain to mix up lunch so there's a variety.  After lunch I lay him down for a nap.  Which has been a lot easier than I expected!  When he was still in daycare he would sleep from 1.5-2 hours without any problems.  Whereas at home on the weekends when we would try to get him to nap he would fight with us and maybe sleep for 30 minutes.  I've made it a habit to do a relaxing/quiet activity prior to putting him down for his nap.  He LOVES reading; the total opposite of his big brother [he can't stand reading].  This is where my "ME" time kicks in.  I can either: a) nap, b) clean up, c) finally watch one of my shows.  I end up trying to accomplish all 3 options.  He sleeps for about 2 hours and then we get ready to pickup my Little Big Man from school.  Once he's home it's homework time!  And we can't forget planning dinner.  I've gotten better at making dinner EARLIER so we're not eating at 7PM.  So if you just repeat that every week and mix in soccer practice twice a week then you'll have an idea of my schedule. 

I don't think it means being a SAHM is harder.  Shit, I used to have to do all of this while I worked full time.  But I do have a better understanding though, it's not any easier.  However, I can actually say that I love my "job".

Welcome to a day in the life of lil 'ole me.