Tuesday, October 21, 2014

This Thing Called Love

I love Love.

Kind of; we have a love/hate relationship type of deal going on.

I thought I could share what I've learned about Love; whether it be from my own personal experience or from what I've observed/learned from others.

1.  Love stops time.  At least sometimes it feels that way.  Like when you're with your significant other snuggled up on the couch watching a movie/TV show together, or when you're just riding in the car together singing along to your favorite songs; just enjoying each others company.  Or when you're locked in their embrace and feel the exchange of your body heat from holding each other so close.  Maybe even that moment when your eyes meet right before your lips touch.  It's just the two of you frozen in time [maybe standing in the rain - shut up I watch too many movies] because in that exact moment you're overwhelmed with complete and utter happiness in this perfect Kodak moment with the one you Love.

2. Love is unconditional.  Whether you're a parent or a sibling or a lover - love is unconditional.  I love my boys no matter what.  I'm sure plenty of parents say that, but it's the truth.  There is no word to describe the love you feel for your children [or your fur baby(s) tee hee].  No matter what my children do, my love is unchanging.  Even if my kids hated me for some odd reason [it better be a good one], they will always be my children & I'll still love them.  There is nothing that would change how I feel about them.

3.  Love has more than one language.  As if Love wasn't already complicated...  Everyone should look into The Five Love Languages - it'll blow your mind.  According to the test we took, my husband and I speak the same love language.  However, after further looking into all that shit I believe mine is not the same [it's either Acts of Service or Quality Time].  I demand a re-test [tee hee] But when you do find out each other's love languages, make sure to actually UTILIZE the information.

4.  Love has an expiration date.  It's sad that even canned food can last longer than some of the "love" people feel/express [at least according to Facebook lol].  According to some research, the honeymoon/lovey dovey feeling you experience lasts for a good 2 years.  After that... Good luck! 

**I promise I'm not trying to talk you out of Love**
5.  Love can suck.  I'm pretty positive that a lot would agree.  Whether it be because of who you love or the bad luck you have with Love or the things Love makes you do, etc. 

6. You can be IN Love or Love someone.  What. The. Fu*k....?  Have I mentioned how complicated this little shit can be?  In my opinion, to be IN love is more of an emotional high.  It's rather deceiving because a lot of people use the term "falling in love" so once that feeling of "falling" is removed - you have what?  It doesn't require effort like "real" Love. When you experience "real" love, you GROW together.  When you truly love someone you have no regards for their imperfections, but chose to love them because of their flaws/imperfections.  Real love requires effort and is almost like a second job because it requires WORK.

That's all I have for now.  This thing called love is a learning process I don't think anyone will ever fully understand.


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