Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!

This year my little big man decided he wanted to be Ash Ketchum from Pokémon (:  That used to be one of my FAVORITE cartoons when I was younger -- obviously I was stoked.  However, I googled the costume in hopes of finding him one and them mofos were $80+  You have got to be kidding me!  That price was RE-DICK-YOU-LUSS!  Especially for a costume that someone plans on wearing for ONE day/night.  So this year we MADE his costume (: 

I have to admit, my hubby has some awesome sewing skills!  He's such a nice housewife [tee hee not really] or in my words, such a good betch.  He did the sewing and I cut the ribbon and glued it on.  We only ordered the hat; it was $6 on Amazon.  Since it's from Pokémon I'm sure that hat will be put to use more than today. 

I'm pretty sure you're expecting a picture of the costume...?  NOT yet! (:  I'm waiting until tonight when all the kids are together.  Usually him and my nephew have coordinating costumes because they act just like brothers. 

I'm pretty sure I'm more excited than he is for the debut of his costume.

My newbie is going to be a monkey! [Awwwww]  I call him my chunky monkey.  He's so cute I just want to pinch him! [calm your tits, I'm not going to]  After my little big man's costume was coming together, I thought of it a little too late AND after I already bought the newbie's costume - but it would of been pretty dope to have my newbie as Pikachu.  Oh well, maybe next year and so on and so forth? 

I almost forgot to add, but this is my newbie's FIRST Halloween!  So for all my family and friends, expect TONS of pictures.  It'll probably come close to being so many pics that you can put it together like your very own flip book lol

I'm super excited for the kids festivities, but I actually hate Halloween.  It is my least favorite "holiday"....?  [is this really a holiday???]  Other than getting to watch Hocus Pocus and listen to Thriller on repeat - no thanks.  I'm not into the scary/creepy type of shit.  I'm not one of the adults that get all dressed up for today, etc.  And if I did, it was be something fun or skanky [ what chick hasn't], but you'll never see me in some scary outfit.

Anyways... More to come ;)


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