Tuesday, November 18, 2014

THAT Kid - My Opinion

So today I caught up and read another blog post: Dear Parent: About THAT kid and I don't know how to word this without sounding like a complete asshole.

If we're "friends" on Facebook, then you might of caught a post I put up several months ago about my little big man getting punched in the face.  This school year he started at a different school (due to us moving) and from my recollection, it occurred within a week or two of the school year just beginning.  After further inquiry into the incident, I made the assumption the child was special  [please don't be offended by the term, I honestly don't know what term I'm supposed to use to be politically correct]. Obviously, the school could confirm nor deny if my assumptions were correct.  However, regardless if the child was or was not special, I was infuriated that he simply got away with it just because he was different; had it happened by a non-special child - there would have been consequences.  So my son got punched in the mouth all because he said "OH SHOOT!" in response to the other child grabbing him in some awkward hold.  My son was not playing with the other child, but simply walking past him when the other child grabbed him.  It surprised him hence why he replied with "OH SHOOT" not knowing what to do and in return the other child told him to "watch his mouth!" then cue the punch.

Why is that ok?  What are you teaching that child?  That it's ok to hit someone when you don't agree? Where did he learn that when someone does something he thinks is wrong that you're supposed to hit them?  Is that a reflection of his home life? Why do certain kids get certain degrees of punishment?

These were all the thoughts racing through my mind. 

If it wasn't for me staying on it and calling the school repeatedly for answers, I'm sure it wouldn't have played out how it did.  First of all, I found out from the nurse to tell me they were applying ice to his mouth.  I'm sure any parent would of been as stumped as me, wondering "well what happened to his mouth that he needs ice??" I didn't get a phone call from an administrator or a teacher.  Then on top of that, the child didn't even apologize.  I had to call the school and demand the child apologize to my son; it was the least they could do.  I asked for the child to be removed from class or any/all activities with my child.

That's MY kid.  That's MY baby that some stranger hit.

Let's flip the script.  How would it have played out if my son was the one who punched him for saying the same thing?  He probably would of been suspended or something be put in his file.  I'm sure other parents would say he deserved the punishment; and I would probably agree.  However, that's NOT what happened.

If you actually know my son, he is as shy as can be.  He hates confrontation.  He's embarrassed easily.  He is my complete opposite. So to answer your question, he doesn't get in trouble at school.  He's well behaved.  He's quiet in class.  He follows the rules.  When I asked my son how did he feel, he said scared.  Why does my child have to be scared to be at school now?  I'm supposed to be ok with it though, right?  I strongly disagree.  When that child struck my son, he said he didn't know what he was supposed to do.  It's understandable; he was in a lose/lose situation.  If he would have hit him - he would of been in the wrong.  If he didn't, he was in the wrong because we taught him to defend himself against bullies.  I honestly think that's what that other child is - a bully.

So why the hell am I bringing this up again?  Not because I have something against anyone with a disability [shut your mouth] and not for a pity party, but about that blog...  I'm sick of society making EXCUSES for everyone!  You don't have to tell me any background as to why the child acts the way they do.  I just think they should be treated fairly.  When I was younger, if someone was teasing me I was taught to stop playing with them or go tell my teacher if it kept on happening.  Nowadays, as soon as someone says "I don't like you" or "your shirt is ugly" they are instantly identified/labeled as a bully.  How about put your big girl/boy undies on and move on.  You can't sweat every single bad thing said about you.  Don't let them get the best of you.  Not everyone is going to like you.  Not everyone is going to agree on everything either - like I'm sure this post would be somewhat disagreeable.  Oh well.  I'm perfectly ok with that.  These are my personal opinions.  Teaching kids this makes them so overly sensitive.

I want my kid(s) to grow up knowing the world does not revolve around them.  Life happens.  They mean the world to me [above & beyond] and are the most important beings to me, but the world may not feel the same about them.  And that's OK.


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