Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Relationship Advice From An Amateur

Helluuuuur everyone!

To state the obvious - it's been... a while... and I'm sorry :(

Today, I thought I'd cover a topic close to home - sacrifices & compromises.

**Please review these words prior to reading any further:

  • Sac-ri-fice: an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy.
  • Com-pro-mise: settle a dispute by mutual concession.
  • Trust: firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

I think when you are in a serious relationship, it tends to come with the territory that there will be sacrifices/compromises made for each other. That's how relationships work; you both can't always have it your way.  Sometimes you do things to make the other person happy - you may not agree with whatever that is, but you do it out of love.

I like to take the initiative based on what *I* think is right without someone asking me to do so.  I like to compare it to my good friend "Common Sense".

If you have been paying attention - I deleted my Instagram account [insert shocked emoji here].  Then I realized I couldn't promote my blog anymore or see my friends' pretty faces so I made a NEW one.  However, I have it set to private. So for now - it's troll free. [if I haven't added you yet PLEASE send me a request!]

I ASSumed when you got married - or any serious relationship - that you do whatever to make your lover happy.  If you mention something or someone you dislike(d), I would ASSume that meant you would take action in resolving the issue.  Boy was I WRONG!  Apparently that's not a thing, but that's what I get for ASSuming so much.  I recently learned that *I'M* the one who knows nothing about relationships.  Relationships have nothing to do with making sacrifices or compromises.  I'm pretty sure there's a book somewhere out there to learn more about this stuff..?

What's another building block of relationships?  TRUST.  You are supposed to "trust" that when someone tells you something that they are 100% honest.

Well I'll raise you the quote "actions speak louder than words".  You can TELL me that you piss glitter and shit butterflies all you want, but until I SEE it - your words mean nada.

I dislike trusting people.  I've had the luck of getting the short end of the stick quite a few times, so trust doesn't come easy.  When your actions/words start looking/sounding similar to past performances then you best believe my walls shoot up reeeal quick. 

I am one insecure territorial bitch.

I shouldn't have to repeat myself. 
I shouldn't have to constantly ask. 
You shouldn't wait until I break down or snap.

If it means something to me, I would think it meant something to you.

This has been exhausting.  I'm tired... of being tired.  A lot of this makes me question whether someone even really knows me or chooses to ignore everything.

I know it's not always hugs & kisses, but DAMN.  My mind is working overtime on overthinking - quite frankly, it's fkn annoying.  But if I'm not getting the feedback I'm expecting that's where my mind goes. 

I just feel like I'm sitting out there by my lonesome waiting for something that's never going to happen.  I can sit here and pour my heart out, but I'm well aware it won't get me anywhere.  It's like trying to fit a triangle block into a circle - you can't.

So please - SOMEONE educate me or send me in the right direction so I can educate myself.


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