Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I'll Love You Forever. I'll Like You For Always. As Long As I'm Living, My Baby You'll Be.

Good morning you gorgeous people :)

Having one child for so long, it was a lot easier about being "fair".  I didn't have to worry about if one thought the other had better toys or better clothes or if I ever played any favorites.

And now there are 2.

One of my worst fears as a parent is if I ever make one of my boys feel like I love the other more.  I don't.   I love & dislike both of them equally [I don't discriminate lol jk].

I try to do my best.; like making sure I'm not only snapping photos of just my newbie or  playing with just my newbie.  I didn't think it would be hard, but the thought always crosses my mind.

I think it's a little more complicated when there's such a huge age gap.  I have an 8 year old & 6 month old.  It's kind of difficult not to baby... the baby; I have to hold him and feed him and talk in that ridiculous tone.  My little big man is at the age where he wants to play outside with his friends or watch tv or play on his DS.

The new school year just started as of this past Monday.  I now am the mom of a 3rd grader!  He's growing up right before my eyes and  a lot of times I can't help but feel like I fail at being a parent to him.  I'm always too busy with the baby or working on my Mary Kay business or complaining about how exhausted I feel from being at work all day or rushing to prepare dinner.  I catch myself AFTER the fact.  I don't want him to grow up thinking his mom was always "too busy" to care.  I always ask him how school was or how did his day go, but to me that's not enough. Every night, whether he's already fallen asleep or is just laying in bed, I make sure I never go to sleep without kissing him goodnight.  Even if I already crawled into my bed and tucked myself in, I jump out of my bed and rush to his bedroom just to tell him that I love him and goodnight.

Every. Single. Night. Because we're not promised tomorrow.

I can't help, but be proud of him.  He has ME as a parent.  I moved him back and forth so many times and he never complained.  As much as I like to have a routine or schedule, I'm always rushing somewhere.  Then lately, I have become so forgetful.  But he takes it all in stride and does what he's told.  He's very well behaved with his occasional whiney/girly tendencies like every other kid.  He's a perfectionist; I sometimes think he's a little OCD.  He's my soccer MVP.  I honestly think he's really skilled in soccer; way better than I did.  When coaches/teachers and other parents approach me to tell me how awesome they think he is, whether it's with sports or just him on a regular day -- I can't help, but make the biggest grin [the one that includes a glow].

Am I bragging? HELL YEA!

That's MY kid.  This is the little boy that I'm guiding to become an awesome adult one day.  He makes me very proud after everything he's gone through.

I don't know what triggered my sappy emotions this morning, but I thought I should share [this is pretty epic and rare lol].  This post might contradict how it began - being fair - but I feel like I'm constantly sharing about my newbie.  So I wanted to share about my first little love (:

I can't say it enough, but my boys are my world.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Is It Worth It, Let Me Work It

Good afternoon you fabulous readers!

As I had mentioned several posts ago, I have jumped onto the fitness bandwagon.  I wanted to stop complaining about how eww I look and actually do something about it.

I haven't worked out a full week YET.  That is a goal I have set for myself.  On Monday-Friday I usually get to work out at least 3 days.  On the weekends that's a negative (that's my "hey! don't forget you have to play maid too" time - one of my many hats I get to wear).  So if you count running up and down the stairs or running throughout my house like a chicken with it's head cut off - then SURE, I work out on the weekends too.

I'm the type of person that likes to see INSTANT results.  I'm talking -

Day 1: I should have lost my love handles,
Day 2: I should have a nice/toned tummy,
Day 3: My butt would of grew 2 more sizes,
Day 4: I'll get nice big boobies like I see on all the Instagram fit pages,
Day 5: My thighs won't rub,
Day 6: My bat wings would have transformed into muscle vice flab, and
Day 7: I've transformed into a Victoria's Secret model...

Hmm...  Guess what?!  That shit hasn't happened YET.

Ok, ok... I know it doesn't happen THAT fast.  I like to dream big [tee hee].  I'm doing my best not to get discouraged or complain that I feel I still look the same.  I know that if I want to see more changes, I need to step my game up.

However, I have received some compliments... From my mum... I don't see her all the time even though she only lives in the next town over, but that woman stays busy.  She said I look skinnier -- so I'll take that compliment thank you very much! (:  *Even though I don't see that.  If anything I feel like I've gotten bigger.  My tummy still looks flabby to me and now I'm eating all the damn time [no, shut your mouth, I'm not pregnant again fam].  Apparently that's because of me working out; my metabolism is picking up.

I'm not big with scales.  I'll go nuts over it and start weighing myself ALL THE TIME and I know that's no bueno.  I'm just going to keep trucking.  If I can squeeze in at least 30 minutes, I know I'm at least doing something and that's more than I used to do.  I don't diet either.  I just eat smaller portions [most of the time] and small meals in between.  I don't like when people turn into some health-freak-nazi that counts calories and says no to pretty much everything because it's "fattening" BLAH BLAH BLAH!  I'm still on that #YOLO time shit [tee hee] so I still squeeze in a Big Mac every once and a while.

 OH YEAAA!  I almost forgot to share.  My hubby bought me some detox tea as a surprise for me... [I don't know why he would assume I'd be stoked about weight loss lol but it's the thought that counts]  It tastes... DISGUSTING, but I've been staying on track and drinking it everyday - thanks to him.  If I'm running late or just plain ol' forget, he makes it for me (:  I add honey to it though to help with the taste; otherwise it's almost like drinking straight up ginger [yuck].

We have grilled a shit ton of grilled chicken and made a bunch of mixed veggies to prep for our lunches for the week.  That got boring REAL quick.  I don't enjoy eating the same thing EVERY DAMN DAY

So if you'd like to be super helpful, feel free to share some healthy food ideas.  I need some variety in my life (:


Monday, August 11, 2014

I'm Gonna Pop Some Tags

Hello my fabulous readers!

You know that feeling of accomplishment you feel when you purchased something awesome?  Me too!  It's almost as great as trying on some awesome heels/shoes or super cute top and feeling like you're on top of the world because you look so dope in it.

Anyone...? [tee hee]

Here goes nothing...

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I have an online shopping addiction.

I shop when I'm bored.  I shop when I'm feeling sad.  I shop when I'm feeling blah.  I shop when I'm happy.  I shop when I'm stressed. 

Hence the term -- RETAIL THERAPY.


I just can't help myself.  I get super duper excited about buying something, but then feel depressed when I update my checkbook... [yes I actually update my check ledger]  I get so excited when I discover that my package has arrived -- it's like Christmas all throughout the year!

So I've made myself this fun *wish list* [idea cred: +Patricia Stoltzfus] of the things I would LOVE to buy, but know better than to actually purchase it.

I have a new found addiction to Michael Kors purses.  Last night while laying in my big comfy bed, I did some online window shopping and discovered these bad boys: Black & Pink Tote, Black Studded Tote, Black & White Satchel, Pink Tote, Saffiano Tote, and Signature Tote,

If I'm not "window shopping" for more Michael Kors purses, I'm usually glued to Forever21 [clothing fix] and Charlotte Russe [my shoe game].

I am doing pretty well though -- I've been utilizing my online shopping time to find a gown to wear to the USMC Ball in November [I'm totally assuming that we're going].  I'm just excited that I won't be all huge and prego this time.

But who gives a hoot.

I'm very impulsive.  When I see something I want - MINE!  I've gotten a lot better though [believe me].  Now when I'm at the mall I try things on first; nothing sucks more than getting home to a top that is too tight or too loose or pants that don't fit your strut.  I hate saying "I'll come back and buy it" because with my luck -- BOOM!  It's gone.

So what are your favorite stores, shopping habits, and faves you love to shop for? 

Anyways, enough of my blabbering - until next time :)


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It's Not Me, It's Your Eyebrows

[Tee hee] - Sorry, my blog post title makes me giggle.

But helluuur my beauties! I thought I'd blog about something silly for a change.

When we observe other people [normally other females], we sometimes ponder "are her boobs real" or "did she have any work done" or "omg she's lost so much weight" or "wow she's gotten a little on the heavy side"...  Why we even think of that type of shit, I have no friggen clue [don't even deny it].  We're females -- the most catty judgmental assholes on the planet.

So what comes to my mind when I see another chick?

Are those her real eyebrows ?!

FYI, my eyebrows are... [drumroll]... REAL.

I sometimes fill them in with some brow powder, but with or without the powder I still have some eyebrows [sorry to disappoint].  So you can go ahead and "lick your finger" to test it out, but all that'll take place is you looking like a total creep licking your finger...  Silly girl.

I was born with dark/thick eyebrows, but noticed [in that timeframe] that *thin* eyebrows was the trend.  As I got older, I discovered I didn't like having thin ass eyebrows and decided to grow them bad boys back!  Which took A LOT of patience.  Thin eyebrows is not MY preference for MYSELF.  I think the thinness or fullness totally depends on the person's face shape or better yet -- their damn preference.

My eyebrows are my obsession.  It's one of the first things I notice on another person.  So I observe how full they are or how high is their arch; with the guys [yes, some guys do get their eyebrows touched up] it's how clean cut they look or how thick they are.  It's a weird peeve of mine [don't judge me].  However, I guess I'm not the only one who is fascinated by my eyebrows [everyone wave to my fan club].

Here are my tips:


Everyone, grab your sharpie...


If you are a fellow eyebrow filler, like myself, I highly recommend brow powder.  If that's not your thing or you don't want to spend anymore money on makeup, eye shadow works too.  Personally, I would use a brow definer pencil to make [or DEFINE] the shape of your eyebrow and then fill it in with a powder.

...But that's none of my business though :)