Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It's Not Me, It's Your Eyebrows

[Tee hee] - Sorry, my blog post title makes me giggle.

But helluuur my beauties! I thought I'd blog about something silly for a change.

When we observe other people [normally other females], we sometimes ponder "are her boobs real" or "did she have any work done" or "omg she's lost so much weight" or "wow she's gotten a little on the heavy side"...  Why we even think of that type of shit, I have no friggen clue [don't even deny it].  We're females -- the most catty judgmental assholes on the planet.

So what comes to my mind when I see another chick?

Are those her real eyebrows ?!

FYI, my eyebrows are... [drumroll]... REAL.

I sometimes fill them in with some brow powder, but with or without the powder I still have some eyebrows [sorry to disappoint].  So you can go ahead and "lick your finger" to test it out, but all that'll take place is you looking like a total creep licking your finger...  Silly girl.

I was born with dark/thick eyebrows, but noticed [in that timeframe] that *thin* eyebrows was the trend.  As I got older, I discovered I didn't like having thin ass eyebrows and decided to grow them bad boys back!  Which took A LOT of patience.  Thin eyebrows is not MY preference for MYSELF.  I think the thinness or fullness totally depends on the person's face shape or better yet -- their damn preference.

My eyebrows are my obsession.  It's one of the first things I notice on another person.  So I observe how full they are or how high is their arch; with the guys [yes, some guys do get their eyebrows touched up] it's how clean cut they look or how thick they are.  It's a weird peeve of mine [don't judge me].  However, I guess I'm not the only one who is fascinated by my eyebrows [everyone wave to my fan club].

Here are my tips:


Everyone, grab your sharpie...


If you are a fellow eyebrow filler, like myself, I highly recommend brow powder.  If that's not your thing or you don't want to spend anymore money on makeup, eye shadow works too.  Personally, I would use a brow definer pencil to make [or DEFINE] the shape of your eyebrow and then fill it in with a powder.

...But that's none of my business though :)


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