Monday, August 11, 2014

I'm Gonna Pop Some Tags

Hello my fabulous readers!

You know that feeling of accomplishment you feel when you purchased something awesome?  Me too!  It's almost as great as trying on some awesome heels/shoes or super cute top and feeling like you're on top of the world because you look so dope in it.

Anyone...? [tee hee]

Here goes nothing...

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I have an online shopping addiction.

I shop when I'm bored.  I shop when I'm feeling sad.  I shop when I'm feeling blah.  I shop when I'm happy.  I shop when I'm stressed. 

Hence the term -- RETAIL THERAPY.


I just can't help myself.  I get super duper excited about buying something, but then feel depressed when I update my checkbook... [yes I actually update my check ledger]  I get so excited when I discover that my package has arrived -- it's like Christmas all throughout the year!

So I've made myself this fun *wish list* [idea cred: +Patricia Stoltzfus] of the things I would LOVE to buy, but know better than to actually purchase it.

I have a new found addiction to Michael Kors purses.  Last night while laying in my big comfy bed, I did some online window shopping and discovered these bad boys: Black & Pink Tote, Black Studded Tote, Black & White Satchel, Pink Tote, Saffiano Tote, and Signature Tote,

If I'm not "window shopping" for more Michael Kors purses, I'm usually glued to Forever21 [clothing fix] and Charlotte Russe [my shoe game].

I am doing pretty well though -- I've been utilizing my online shopping time to find a gown to wear to the USMC Ball in November [I'm totally assuming that we're going].  I'm just excited that I won't be all huge and prego this time.

But who gives a hoot.

I'm very impulsive.  When I see something I want - MINE!  I've gotten a lot better though [believe me].  Now when I'm at the mall I try things on first; nothing sucks more than getting home to a top that is too tight or too loose or pants that don't fit your strut.  I hate saying "I'll come back and buy it" because with my luck -- BOOM!  It's gone.

So what are your favorite stores, shopping habits, and faves you love to shop for? 

Anyways, enough of my blabbering - until next time :)


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