Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Is It Worth It, Let Me Work It

Good afternoon you fabulous readers!

As I had mentioned several posts ago, I have jumped onto the fitness bandwagon.  I wanted to stop complaining about how eww I look and actually do something about it.

I haven't worked out a full week YET.  That is a goal I have set for myself.  On Monday-Friday I usually get to work out at least 3 days.  On the weekends that's a negative (that's my "hey! don't forget you have to play maid too" time - one of my many hats I get to wear).  So if you count running up and down the stairs or running throughout my house like a chicken with it's head cut off - then SURE, I work out on the weekends too.

I'm the type of person that likes to see INSTANT results.  I'm talking -

Day 1: I should have lost my love handles,
Day 2: I should have a nice/toned tummy,
Day 3: My butt would of grew 2 more sizes,
Day 4: I'll get nice big boobies like I see on all the Instagram fit pages,
Day 5: My thighs won't rub,
Day 6: My bat wings would have transformed into muscle vice flab, and
Day 7: I've transformed into a Victoria's Secret model...

Hmm...  Guess what?!  That shit hasn't happened YET.

Ok, ok... I know it doesn't happen THAT fast.  I like to dream big [tee hee].  I'm doing my best not to get discouraged or complain that I feel I still look the same.  I know that if I want to see more changes, I need to step my game up.

However, I have received some compliments... From my mum... I don't see her all the time even though she only lives in the next town over, but that woman stays busy.  She said I look skinnier -- so I'll take that compliment thank you very much! (:  *Even though I don't see that.  If anything I feel like I've gotten bigger.  My tummy still looks flabby to me and now I'm eating all the damn time [no, shut your mouth, I'm not pregnant again fam].  Apparently that's because of me working out; my metabolism is picking up.

I'm not big with scales.  I'll go nuts over it and start weighing myself ALL THE TIME and I know that's no bueno.  I'm just going to keep trucking.  If I can squeeze in at least 30 minutes, I know I'm at least doing something and that's more than I used to do.  I don't diet either.  I just eat smaller portions [most of the time] and small meals in between.  I don't like when people turn into some health-freak-nazi that counts calories and says no to pretty much everything because it's "fattening" BLAH BLAH BLAH!  I'm still on that #YOLO time shit [tee hee] so I still squeeze in a Big Mac every once and a while.

 OH YEAAA!  I almost forgot to share.  My hubby bought me some detox tea as a surprise for me... [I don't know why he would assume I'd be stoked about weight loss lol but it's the thought that counts]  It tastes... DISGUSTING, but I've been staying on track and drinking it everyday - thanks to him.  If I'm running late or just plain ol' forget, he makes it for me (:  I add honey to it though to help with the taste; otherwise it's almost like drinking straight up ginger [yuck].

We have grilled a shit ton of grilled chicken and made a bunch of mixed veggies to prep for our lunches for the week.  That got boring REAL quick.  I don't enjoy eating the same thing EVERY DAMN DAY

So if you'd like to be super helpful, feel free to share some healthy food ideas.  I need some variety in my life (:


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