Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I can honestly say I put in 100% or more.

I feel like I put myself out there a lot. I share my thoughts and my feelings. I do what I think is right or what I should do.  

I have respect for my husband and my marriage.  

When anyone comes at me and knows I’m married, I shut that shit down!  [Ok… and maybe even flash that bling on my left ring finger]  Any of my ex-‘s that I still had on any of my social media accounts, I removed. If I had any pictures on any of my social media accounts of an ex or a pic with an ex, I removed it. If I had any numbers in my phone that was an ex or anyone I was intimate with, I deleted it. If I happen to come across a picture or a post or comment on any social media that was pertaining to a past flame, I deleted it.  If someone from my past randomly texted/emailed/msgd me I keep it short & sweet and TELL my hubby.


In my eyes, I don’t want my husband to see that kind of stuff.  He may not care because it was in the past, but I do!  I think it’s disrespectful.  I respect his feelings.  When I come across stuff like that – it sucks and tends to piss me off - A LOT.  

TIME OUT! I have the perfect example. Let me share something that happened not too long ago:  

I have a public Instagram page. One day, I checked my phone and saw I had some “Likes” on some of my pictures, but one caught my eye. I recognized the name; I’ve seen her page before [no shame in my game]. However, the “Like” was gone when I viewed my pic. Which could only mean one thing – it was on accident.  I found the slip up comical. So I did what I do best, make fun of the situation. She was lurking, no big deal. So she took it upon herself to comment on my pic, calling herself out. We went back & forth, not arguing [at least I didn’t think so], just playful cattiness. I know in the past, before I actually knew of her, I had clicked on her page before & figured out on my own who she was because of some of the pics she still has up.  

She has pics of her and my husband when he graduated boot camp and even pics from before then. Why she keeps them up… Hell if I know. I think it’s odd, but whatevs. 


Even though I didn’t exist to him at the time, it still hurts. He’s supposed to be the love of my life. So I don’t want to imagine him thinking how gorgeous, etc. any other female is. It really kills my vibe. Afterwards, I feel like the compliments he gives me mean nothing because he’s already used that line on someone else.

Maybe I’m just loyal.

Too loyal.

Is that possible?

I expect the same in return.  


Seriously though – I give my all and don’t get a lot of it back in return.

No, I will not sit back and just deal with it; that is not how *I* work. If I have an issue and I tell you about it and you decide not to fix it, then count me out.  

In simpler terms – I’m done. 

I'm the type that will only take so much and then lose interest.   It’s a turn off and I’ll want nothing to do with you.  I will not devote a majority of my time to something that just isn’t working.   I refuse to stress over things I have no control of.   So as of now my focus has changed along with my priorities. I’ve kind of taken a step back and re-evaluated my life.

You should try it!

My philosophy has and will always be "You have to give respect to earn respect".  If you can't show me respect, then don't expect it from me.



Friday, June 20, 2014

Beauty Review: Mary Kay Custom Look

I don't normally do "beauty reviews" due to me lacking in the beauty knowledge department.  So today I'm doing it!

Today I'm reviewing my Mary Kay custom look that I received.  It's a bonus you receive when you decide to join the fun & become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant!

* Cough! Cough! *

I used:
- Mary Kay Eyeliner (Bronze)
- Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color (Precious Pink, Rosegold, Copper Glow)

I used the Precious Pink as my base color. I used the Rosegold as my second color.  Then last I used the Copper Glow as my accent color.  The pics really don't do any justice for the colors.  I just discovered while practicing this look that I am now in love with the eyeliner! :)  I'm very picky about my eyeliner and I'm normally a big fan of liquid eyeliner, but this shit was fab.


I also def like the way the colors compliment my eye color enough that it brought the green out more from my hazel eyes [my eye color is one of my fave features other than my freckles; everything else sucks] lol  I'm not a huge fan of dark colors -- which honestly the Copper Glow looks very intimidating when you see it.  So if you're a lot like me, I was like "I'm not using that shit"...  But when I put it on & blended it, it was fine!

Short. Sweet.  And to the point.

P.S. if you see anything that I'm sucking at or doing wrong when I apply/applied make up -- TELL ME!  I'd love to learn more or hear about how other people put on their faces ;)



Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Military Life

“Behind every strong Marine there is an even stronger woman who stands behind him, supports him, and loves him with all her heart.”


I wouldn’t narrow it to JUST Marines; I believe this applies to all the branches of Military service.

I haven’t experienced what a deployment feels like, yet. So for all of you that has, but please go ahead now and start poppin’ off at the mouth (or I guess your fingertips) about how I have no idea what the hell “Military Life” feels like – Honestly, you’re wasting your time. I don’t think I need him to deploy to have an idea as to what I’ve gotten myself into.

I’m a Military Spouse; specifically - a Marine wife. I take pride in my husband’s choice of a career even though he joined prior to ever meeting me. Luckily for me because if he hadn’t chosen this path we would have never met and that would have sucked MUCHO. I got lucky that this small little town became his first duty station and he happened to start working in the same building I was already working at.  He's only beginning, but has already been meritoriously promoted.   I don’t wear his rank and/or shout “WE did it!” - I didn’t do anything to earn it, he did. 

I do have an idea of what it’s like to be a part of the Military lifestyle. I’m a Military Brat. My Dad was a Senior Chief (MA) in the Navy and retired after 22 years. He was on the ship a lot before I was born and a little bit when I was a baby. We moved every 3-4 years, mostly on the West Coast. I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Then we moved to Alameda, CA, Santa Rita, Guam, and then Fallon, NV. My Dad ended up retiring in Nevada. I’ve had my fair share of constantly moving and making new friends and going to different schools. It’s a rollercoaster, but after a while I got used to it.

This time around I’m not a dependent-child; I’m a dependent-spouse.  

Being a part of the military lifestyle can be a pain in the motha’ fuckin’ ass [whoop there it is]. I’m always told being a Marine Wife is the “hardest” job you’ll ever have. I wouldn’t say all of that, but as of right now I can admit it does get a little frustrating; at least in our household.

For example: 

1. There are days when he has to be on the shooting range. You’re probably wondering – “So?” Well for our family that means early ass mornings. We have a routine on who takes which kid to what daycare. When this comes up – this wifey has double duty. So I have to make adjustments to MY schedule in order to pull off taking both kids to daycare and making it to work on time [because I’m not on that “Dependa” type shit].  

2. Duty. Ahh… gotta love those days/nights. NOT! “Why?” If he has duty, he may have the night off from his home, but not from work. He will barely get any sleep while on duty so by the time he comes home, he’s exhausted. So who’s going to help with cooking dinner or cleaning up afterwards or tending to the crying/hungry baby or entertaining our little big man? This wifey right here.

3. PFTs aka Physical Fitness Test. Again – time for double duty.

4. PMEs or work functions – sometimes these are held at work and other days it’s out and about on/off base. There’s no set time frame, so I’ll see him whenever it’s done :(

So yes I haven’t had to wait through a deployment, but what I have experienced so far has been a tad bit frustrating.  However, I’ll take my dose of “frustration” any day rather than him deploying across the world.   To all you loyal and faithful wives who waited it out & handled your shit – kudos to you.

I like to consider myself lucky.  

Anyways, I figured I’d share some insight into my “military” life 

– like always.


Friday, June 13, 2014

Little Things

I think over time we become so used to each other that we end up forgetting the things that count.

It’s what I miss the most.

You know the story: once upon a time a guy meets a girl, he spends most of his time courting her to win her love, she falls head over heels, and then once he has her in the palm of his hand… BOOM! THE END.

It happens to a handful of us.

However, I don’t think it’s always intentional. We get so caught up in our everyday life, that we neglect some things. The struggle is over, right? You got what you wanted or what you think you wanted. We get busy working or doing whatever it is that we do, that we forget to ask how each other’s day was or just give each other a hug “just because”. I’m guilty of it; my name is stamped all over that bitch. My hubby usually asks me how my day was and I realize I sometimes forget to return the favor.

I didn’t realize how much has changed in just a year. The people I was once so close to are the people I rarely speak to or don’t communicate with at all. Some of my old habits are gone and the new ones have emerged. We as a couple have changed dramatically [in my eyes].

I miss meeting up in the stairwell at work just to see each other briefly; finally have a moment to ourselves. I miss our random road trips that we’d go on just for the hell of it [key word - random]. I used to get random phone calls throughout the day just to hear an “I love you” from the other end; those have become seldom. I get it; we’re a bigger family now. Before, I had one child I could ask my family to watch. Now we have two and I don’t feel right asking them to take care of the itty-bitty baby. The oldest is old enough to do things on his own and doesn’t have to depend on anyone much; whereas the newbie needs attention 24/7. I miss the spontaneity of it all. Are we lacking that “spark” that many search for? If we are, why did it go away? Is it hiding? [I didn’t sign up for this shit].  

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Oh shit - did we just turn on THAT cycle?

What’s next? Are we going to begin the boring, sex routine!? [That’s it – I quit! Jk jk] - But seriously. 

In the past they didn’t have their cellphones or computers to just text or email each other throughout the day [tee hee I’m officially an old timer]. When you went to work, you were there TO WORK so you didn’t talk to or see each other until you returned home. So in this generation, everything’s a status update or an Instagram picture or the short-lived videos on Snapchat. Damn, we are so spoiled. Unfortunately I’M in this generation and want some damn attention! I want to feel like I’m still a priority and not someone who’s been put on the back burner to tend to other “important” things.

Yup, I said it.

I need ideas or advice. I don’t want to come off boring to him and vice versa. I don’t want us to turn into some couple whose lives have turned on the boring cycle until we grow sick of each other.

I don’t want us to expire.

* Sorry for all the quotes/pics, but I couldn't pick a favorite.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

First Come Love, Second Comes Marriage, Then Comes a Baby in a Baby Carriage

I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with that playground rhyme.

My Boyfriend "Announcement"
Yes indeed it came first. Our love story happened so quickly that even when I take a stroll through memory lane, I’m shocked at how fast everything has happened. We met in late 2012 through a mutual friend and the help of my sister. I wasn’t too sure about him at first. I was always hearing “he was talking about you today” or “him and his friends check you out as you walk into the building” or “he asked about you today”… Yet EVERY time I happened to come into his office – NADA. I was like seriously?!  He would act like he didn’t see me or he was too busy to pay me any mind. It was so irritating! So I called BULLSHIT. I ended up bumping into him at the lovely club [if that’s what you wanna call it]. We barely talked, but just that little exchange of words had me leaning towards the “potential” side a tad bit more. After that, he FINALLY acknowledged me when I was in his office; to me that meant *progress. We finally made plans to go bowling. I thought we were just hanging out AS FRIENDS so I invited my sister. I was hoping it would help make things less nerve wracking since she was a mutual connection. My sister never showed -_- but hey, maybe it worked out for the best ;) [haha]. The entire time I was on my cellphone texting her because he made me so fkn nervous! In another point of view, I probably came off really rude. After that, I invited him to Thanksgiving dinner at my Parents’ house.  

TIME OUT – I didn’t mean that we got super serious after ONE damn date. My Mom always makes it a habit that if any of our friends didn’t have anywhere to go for Thanksgiving or in his case, he didn’t go home for the holiday that we invite them over so they could have a nice big, free meal and some nice company.

He didn’t show.

I kind of kept my distance from him for a while; not only because he didn’t come over, but he posted a pic of him and his best friend – who I thought, was his boo. Yes, one of his besties doesn’t have testies. So I thought I was categorized in the FRIEND ZONE. Then there was the fact that he went back home to CA for a while, I thought he’d forget me or reignite some old flame or let alone hook up with someone.  

But even then, he still kept texting me (:

Next thing you know, we hung out for my birthday. Then we hit up a small club together and he helped me escape all the NON-POTENTIALS. He was seriously making me go all googly eyes for him. After that we started hanging out a lot more often; after work and on the weekends. He brought me around his group of friends. Then on Valentine’s Day (2013) he took me to dinner at a restaurant I had never been to – Morgan’s in downtown New Bern [it’s delicious btw] – and after dinner we sat by the water and just talked about anything and everything. The best part of that night?  

He asked me to be his girlfrwend [teehee].

Then the craziness began. We’d go on random road trips and he was/is so good with my little big man. I was falling head over heels for this one. He definitely was a catch. Once April came around we found a nice townhouse to move into – TOGETHER! Not too long after we began living together, I became pregnant with our newbie. In June we flew to CA so I could meet his family and we can finally tell them in person that we were expecting. While we were there on vacation he proposed to me! Then the following month we got married! 

I told you it all happened so fast.

Our Wedding Day
This hasn’t been the easy part. If you think that when you get married it’ll always be rainbows and unicorns – please punch yourself in the face repeatedly. Like any relationship, it’s work. We not only had to learn to live with each other, but we were still learning about each other; until this day we still are. We’ve been together for over a year and next month marks a year we’ve been married. We annoy each other. We get frustrated with each other. We [a lot of times] don’t know how to communicate with each other. There are plenty of times where I want to pull my hair out because of a lot of things he does or doesn’t do. The added stress makes me fly off the edge. At the end of the day, through all of that we still want to be together. He is definitely the opposite of me. He shrugs everything off and I try to make sure everything is good to go. I’m the one who will bitch people out and he’s the one laughing at you. He makes me happy though. Sometimes when I’m at the verge of breathing fire or the smoke is starting to seep out of my ears because of how pissed off I am, he somehow will manage to make me smile. The oddest thing to me is I never felt like were “brand new” to each other. Obviously in our supersonic speed of a relationship you’d think otherwise, but – put me down for no [in my Fat Amy voice]. I don’t feel like he’s some stranger I ended up marrying; 

I feel like he’s familiar to me.

He’s my soul mate.
Our First Family Photo

Let – me – tell – you! With just the 2 of my boys [okay 3 if you include my man child aka hubby] I feel like they’re a handful. My little big man is well behaved; no problems in that department. He knows he’d get in big ass trouble if he was misbehaving.

I am a firm believer in SPANKING THAT ASSnot abusing your child; get it right, they are two different things.

He does catch an attitude every once in a while, but he is getting to that age where they are bratty little shits. Plus, you have to take into consideration all the shit he’s been through – that I put him through. He’s been my #1 fan, my partner in crime, my ride or die since he could walk. It’s hard to blame him. My newbie has a nice set of lungs on him. I’m surprised I haven’t had any neighbors knocking on my door bitching about how loud he screams. You would think we were pulling off his toenails one by one, when in reality he woke up from his nap. We’re very humorous parents though. I don’t let the words of other people get in the way of how I raise my kids. You heard me right… [or read me right?] They’re OURS, not anyone else’s. We laugh when they trip over their own feet [at least my little big man] and imitate them when they whine. It’s what parents do [at least what we do]. 
“Parenting without a sense of humor is like being an accountant who sucks at math.”
They drive me nuts, but I love them more than anything. 
That’s not all! That’s not all!...

[oh God…]
To Be Continued (:


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Prioritizing 101

*FYI – this may come off more as a rant vice my usual posts.

**WARNING – this may does contain a lot of sassy bitchiness and CAPS.

So the other morning, I go to drop my newbie off at the CDC before I went to work. I showed up a little earlier than usual due to other circumstances. As I’m minding my own bidnez (“business” for all your serious folks – I just finished watching Baby Mama so… sorry) one of the caregivers asked another parent dropping off her baby “what time did ____ last eat?” -- If you’re wondering, that’s a normal question the caregivers will ask you so they know when your baby’s next feeding is. The Unknown Mother says “oh, he hasn’t eaten yet this morning”.

If you could see my face right now as I’m typing, it’s that unimpressed/disapproving/stank face. I’m almost positive I made the exact same face when I overheard her answer.

Why am I trippin?

Hmm… Like my usual repetitive self, MAYBE it’s just me.

Like I had mentioned, my routine in the morning includes FEEDING MY KIDS. I would think a lot of people like to eat breakfast in the morning before they start their day; KIDS INCLUDED.

This chick was dressed down in some khaki shorts and a big t-shirt, her hair just tied back in a messy ponytail. That already is a flag to me that she’s not planning on going too many places looking like that. But hey, ya never know around here. She clearly looked like she was just dropping off her kid(s) and I’m assuming going back home. So IF that is the case

[cover your eyes]



Pure friggen laziness.

Yes, you do pay these (hopefully) lovely ladies to care for your children while you are away. In my opinion, I do not think that means you should solely depend on them to care for your child(ren). Remember, you are still a parent. That doesn’t mean you wake up in the morning, roll out of bed, and then put your kid(s) off on other people. At least be the least bit responsible and FEED your damn kid(s).

Obviously this touched a nerve of mine.

I, in no way shape or form, am an outstanding Parent. I have a short temper/fuse. I have almost ZERO patience. At least I can say I TRY. Even when I am running late in the morning, I make sure my kids have food in their tummies. I could have sworn it was common knowledge.

My point:  Get your shit together and your priorities straight.

Parents Please Prioritize.


Friday, June 6, 2014

Recipe of the Week: Campbell's Skillet Sauces - Scampi

Whoop whoop! It’s time for another easy-breezy recipe!

So this is late, but my sis told me about some dinner she prepared one night that was super quick and easy. Like I’ve said before, quick and easy dinner recipes are my go-to.

My feature recipe today is:

Campbell’s Skillet Sauces – Scampi (with white wine and garlic)
*it’s friggen awesome because everything is all in the bag!

What you need:
- (1) packet of your choice skillet sauce
- (1) LB. uncooked shrimp, peeled and deveined
- Linguine pasta noodles [I’m pretty sure I used an entire box or half…]
- (1) TBSP. vegetable oil

1.) Heat the oil in a skillet over medium-high heat
2.) Add shrimp and cook until shrimp is slightly pink
3.) Add in the sauce in the packet and heat to a boil
4.) Reduce the heat to low
5.) Cook and stir until the shrimp is thoroughly cooked
6.) Add over pasta

If shrimp scampi isn't really your cup of tea, they also have:

- Creamy Chipotle
- Marsala
- Fire Roasted Tomato
- Scampi
- Thai Green Curry
- Toasted Sesame

It was a hit in our house! So hurry up and try it!

[I had pics to post of my lovely cooking skills - because bitches love pictures lol - but for some reason it won't let me add them to my post :/]


Thursday, June 5, 2014

NEW Beginnings


I feel like a stranger – my bad! Hopefully you haven’t forgotten me!

I’m still trying to get on a roll when it comes to my blogging. I don’t want to suffocate you all with my constant posts (though some of you probably end up seeing my endless selfies and quotes), but I don’t want to do it every once in a blue moon that you lose interest. Ya feel me? LOL  

So here are my updates:

1. We officially live on-base now.

I’ve pretty much heard it both ways how some absolutely loved it and vice versa. So what’s the best way to find out? Have your own experience. So far my OCD is causing me to freak the f*ck out because my house is complete utter chaos. I need some organization in my life and due to the move – I’m lacking. Plus at the moment I have NO internet at my house. Somehow “we” forgot to have our cable/internet company switch everything to our new home in time… So in the meantime I’m stuck going to cafes to use “free” Wi-Fi – even though most places prefer you to be a nice customer and buy something. I could be an ass and just sit outside in my car and use the Wi-Fi BUT that would be wrong. The moving part sucked, yet I don’t know anyone who enjoys packing and unpacking. My husband has been on the range all week, so he wasn’t available until afterwards. We didn’t have A LOT of help, but I’m thankful for the ones who did help us *Dad, Julz, Juan, Angelique* (I probably jacked up the spelling lol sorry). You would think since you work with an office full of people you’d have plenty of help – especially when you offer free pizza & beer [minus the beer because we were still driving on/off base]. Monday took FOR-EV-ERRR! Then Tuesday, I did the majority of the moving of all the remaining stuff by myself since everyone had to work and I sacrificed a day off from work haha. That shit was tiring! So now I’m definitely feeling the burn; as in my whole body is aching because this little chode of a lady is a weakling :)

2. I am now an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay!

Who would of thought!? So far it’s not as bad as I thought. I’m not a people person – I guess it depends. My Dad has always called me a social butterfly because I’ll talk to anyone and everyone. However, my nerves get the best of me and a lot of people end up dry humping my last nerve. So I keep my socializing to a minimum. I hosted my first party, virtually since I was in the middle of moving. I was terrified that I’d end up not reaching my goal. Well guess who made their goal?  -->THIS CHICK RIGHT HURR<-- Haha! I was so excited. I’m hoping once we get settled into our new home, I’ll have a good turnout for an actual party. In all honesty, I used to think it sucked. Then one of my very good friends *Cathy* [here’s your shout out – now I’ll know if you actually read this lmao] would talk to me about it (she’s an Independent Sales Director for Mary Kay). Once I started sampling some of the products, I learned that I actually like it. My fave is the Satin Hands Pampering Set. I got it as a gift, BEFORE I became a consultant, and loved using it. I still do. So if you’re local – you should definitely hit me up to attend one of my events if I don’t already contact you myself ;) OR if you’re far away :( you can always find me online at

I know this was brief, but I figured I’d update you on my life so far.

"I just wanna go on more adventures.  Be around good energy.  Connect with people.  Learn new things.  Grow."