Friday, June 20, 2014

Beauty Review: Mary Kay Custom Look

I don't normally do "beauty reviews" due to me lacking in the beauty knowledge department.  So today I'm doing it!

Today I'm reviewing my Mary Kay custom look that I received.  It's a bonus you receive when you decide to join the fun & become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant!

* Cough! Cough! *

I used:
- Mary Kay Eyeliner (Bronze)
- Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color (Precious Pink, Rosegold, Copper Glow)

I used the Precious Pink as my base color. I used the Rosegold as my second color.  Then last I used the Copper Glow as my accent color.  The pics really don't do any justice for the colors.  I just discovered while practicing this look that I am now in love with the eyeliner! :)  I'm very picky about my eyeliner and I'm normally a big fan of liquid eyeliner, but this shit was fab.


I also def like the way the colors compliment my eye color enough that it brought the green out more from my hazel eyes [my eye color is one of my fave features other than my freckles; everything else sucks] lol  I'm not a huge fan of dark colors -- which honestly the Copper Glow looks very intimidating when you see it.  So if you're a lot like me, I was like "I'm not using that shit"...  But when I put it on & blended it, it was fine!

Short. Sweet.  And to the point.

P.S. if you see anything that I'm sucking at or doing wrong when I apply/applied make up -- TELL ME!  I'd love to learn more or hear about how other people put on their faces ;)



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