Friday, June 13, 2014

Little Things

I think over time we become so used to each other that we end up forgetting the things that count.

It’s what I miss the most.

You know the story: once upon a time a guy meets a girl, he spends most of his time courting her to win her love, she falls head over heels, and then once he has her in the palm of his hand… BOOM! THE END.

It happens to a handful of us.

However, I don’t think it’s always intentional. We get so caught up in our everyday life, that we neglect some things. The struggle is over, right? You got what you wanted or what you think you wanted. We get busy working or doing whatever it is that we do, that we forget to ask how each other’s day was or just give each other a hug “just because”. I’m guilty of it; my name is stamped all over that bitch. My hubby usually asks me how my day was and I realize I sometimes forget to return the favor.

I didn’t realize how much has changed in just a year. The people I was once so close to are the people I rarely speak to or don’t communicate with at all. Some of my old habits are gone and the new ones have emerged. We as a couple have changed dramatically [in my eyes].

I miss meeting up in the stairwell at work just to see each other briefly; finally have a moment to ourselves. I miss our random road trips that we’d go on just for the hell of it [key word - random]. I used to get random phone calls throughout the day just to hear an “I love you” from the other end; those have become seldom. I get it; we’re a bigger family now. Before, I had one child I could ask my family to watch. Now we have two and I don’t feel right asking them to take care of the itty-bitty baby. The oldest is old enough to do things on his own and doesn’t have to depend on anyone much; whereas the newbie needs attention 24/7. I miss the spontaneity of it all. Are we lacking that “spark” that many search for? If we are, why did it go away? Is it hiding? [I didn’t sign up for this shit].  

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Oh shit - did we just turn on THAT cycle?

What’s next? Are we going to begin the boring, sex routine!? [That’s it – I quit! Jk jk] - But seriously. 

In the past they didn’t have their cellphones or computers to just text or email each other throughout the day [tee hee I’m officially an old timer]. When you went to work, you were there TO WORK so you didn’t talk to or see each other until you returned home. So in this generation, everything’s a status update or an Instagram picture or the short-lived videos on Snapchat. Damn, we are so spoiled. Unfortunately I’M in this generation and want some damn attention! I want to feel like I’m still a priority and not someone who’s been put on the back burner to tend to other “important” things.

Yup, I said it.

I need ideas or advice. I don’t want to come off boring to him and vice versa. I don’t want us to turn into some couple whose lives have turned on the boring cycle until we grow sick of each other.

I don’t want us to expire.

* Sorry for all the quotes/pics, but I couldn't pick a favorite.


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