Thursday, June 5, 2014

NEW Beginnings


I feel like a stranger – my bad! Hopefully you haven’t forgotten me!

I’m still trying to get on a roll when it comes to my blogging. I don’t want to suffocate you all with my constant posts (though some of you probably end up seeing my endless selfies and quotes), but I don’t want to do it every once in a blue moon that you lose interest. Ya feel me? LOL  

So here are my updates:

1. We officially live on-base now.

I’ve pretty much heard it both ways how some absolutely loved it and vice versa. So what’s the best way to find out? Have your own experience. So far my OCD is causing me to freak the f*ck out because my house is complete utter chaos. I need some organization in my life and due to the move – I’m lacking. Plus at the moment I have NO internet at my house. Somehow “we” forgot to have our cable/internet company switch everything to our new home in time… So in the meantime I’m stuck going to cafes to use “free” Wi-Fi – even though most places prefer you to be a nice customer and buy something. I could be an ass and just sit outside in my car and use the Wi-Fi BUT that would be wrong. The moving part sucked, yet I don’t know anyone who enjoys packing and unpacking. My husband has been on the range all week, so he wasn’t available until afterwards. We didn’t have A LOT of help, but I’m thankful for the ones who did help us *Dad, Julz, Juan, Angelique* (I probably jacked up the spelling lol sorry). You would think since you work with an office full of people you’d have plenty of help – especially when you offer free pizza & beer [minus the beer because we were still driving on/off base]. Monday took FOR-EV-ERRR! Then Tuesday, I did the majority of the moving of all the remaining stuff by myself since everyone had to work and I sacrificed a day off from work haha. That shit was tiring! So now I’m definitely feeling the burn; as in my whole body is aching because this little chode of a lady is a weakling :)

2. I am now an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay!

Who would of thought!? So far it’s not as bad as I thought. I’m not a people person – I guess it depends. My Dad has always called me a social butterfly because I’ll talk to anyone and everyone. However, my nerves get the best of me and a lot of people end up dry humping my last nerve. So I keep my socializing to a minimum. I hosted my first party, virtually since I was in the middle of moving. I was terrified that I’d end up not reaching my goal. Well guess who made their goal?  -->THIS CHICK RIGHT HURR<-- Haha! I was so excited. I’m hoping once we get settled into our new home, I’ll have a good turnout for an actual party. In all honesty, I used to think it sucked. Then one of my very good friends *Cathy* [here’s your shout out – now I’ll know if you actually read this lmao] would talk to me about it (she’s an Independent Sales Director for Mary Kay). Once I started sampling some of the products, I learned that I actually like it. My fave is the Satin Hands Pampering Set. I got it as a gift, BEFORE I became a consultant, and loved using it. I still do. So if you’re local – you should definitely hit me up to attend one of my events if I don’t already contact you myself ;) OR if you’re far away :( you can always find me online at

I know this was brief, but I figured I’d update you on my life so far.

"I just wanna go on more adventures.  Be around good energy.  Connect with people.  Learn new things.  Grow."

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