Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Military Life

“Behind every strong Marine there is an even stronger woman who stands behind him, supports him, and loves him with all her heart.”


I wouldn’t narrow it to JUST Marines; I believe this applies to all the branches of Military service.

I haven’t experienced what a deployment feels like, yet. So for all of you that has, but please go ahead now and start poppin’ off at the mouth (or I guess your fingertips) about how I have no idea what the hell “Military Life” feels like – Honestly, you’re wasting your time. I don’t think I need him to deploy to have an idea as to what I’ve gotten myself into.

I’m a Military Spouse; specifically - a Marine wife. I take pride in my husband’s choice of a career even though he joined prior to ever meeting me. Luckily for me because if he hadn’t chosen this path we would have never met and that would have sucked MUCHO. I got lucky that this small little town became his first duty station and he happened to start working in the same building I was already working at.  He's only beginning, but has already been meritoriously promoted.   I don’t wear his rank and/or shout “WE did it!” - I didn’t do anything to earn it, he did. 

I do have an idea of what it’s like to be a part of the Military lifestyle. I’m a Military Brat. My Dad was a Senior Chief (MA) in the Navy and retired after 22 years. He was on the ship a lot before I was born and a little bit when I was a baby. We moved every 3-4 years, mostly on the West Coast. I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Then we moved to Alameda, CA, Santa Rita, Guam, and then Fallon, NV. My Dad ended up retiring in Nevada. I’ve had my fair share of constantly moving and making new friends and going to different schools. It’s a rollercoaster, but after a while I got used to it.

This time around I’m not a dependent-child; I’m a dependent-spouse.  

Being a part of the military lifestyle can be a pain in the motha’ fuckin’ ass [whoop there it is]. I’m always told being a Marine Wife is the “hardest” job you’ll ever have. I wouldn’t say all of that, but as of right now I can admit it does get a little frustrating; at least in our household.

For example: 

1. There are days when he has to be on the shooting range. You’re probably wondering – “So?” Well for our family that means early ass mornings. We have a routine on who takes which kid to what daycare. When this comes up – this wifey has double duty. So I have to make adjustments to MY schedule in order to pull off taking both kids to daycare and making it to work on time [because I’m not on that “Dependa” type shit].  

2. Duty. Ahh… gotta love those days/nights. NOT! “Why?” If he has duty, he may have the night off from his home, but not from work. He will barely get any sleep while on duty so by the time he comes home, he’s exhausted. So who’s going to help with cooking dinner or cleaning up afterwards or tending to the crying/hungry baby or entertaining our little big man? This wifey right here.

3. PFTs aka Physical Fitness Test. Again – time for double duty.

4. PMEs or work functions – sometimes these are held at work and other days it’s out and about on/off base. There’s no set time frame, so I’ll see him whenever it’s done :(

So yes I haven’t had to wait through a deployment, but what I have experienced so far has been a tad bit frustrating.  However, I’ll take my dose of “frustration” any day rather than him deploying across the world.   To all you loyal and faithful wives who waited it out & handled your shit – kudos to you.

I like to consider myself lucky.  

Anyways, I figured I’d share some insight into my “military” life 

– like always.


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