Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lights. Camera. Action!


So this past Saturday I finally had my debut party for my Mary Kay business.

It was a...  SUCCESS!

A normal party is usually 5-6 people.  I had 14 who R.S.V.P.'d, but had 9 show.  From what I've been told -- that's A LOT (:

I was so nervous!  I woke up early [like usual] so I could start preparing the food I had planned and to give me time in case my newbie woke up.  Which he did and wouldn't let this mama catch a break.  So I woke up his daddy & reminded him he had baby duty ALL day (:  So off to the kitchen I went.

My menu was:
-  Buffalo Chicken Dip
-  Fiesta Ranch Dip
-  Veggie Platter
-  Fruit Bowl

Well some of the ladies I invited didn't really know me; they were invited since their hubbies work with mine.  So we decided we'd also have a mini BBQ so their hubbies could stick around to make them feel more comfortable.  Turns out only 1 came from that group of invites.  Which was no biggy; we still had a good time!

Addition to my menu:
-  Hot Dogs
-  Burgers
-  Beer

My lovely director did awesome as always.  All the girls liked her and all I had to do was sit there and look pretty take notes :) tee hee. 

Pretty much everyone ordered.  I made over $540!

I'm on a mission.  This is my hustle.  This is my grind.  I was terrified at first considering I don't have a lot of girlfriends and I'm definitely not a people person [at least I didn't think I was].  This business isn't making me do a double take.  I actually enjoy it! 

The recognition I get and how successful I've been so far is... empowering.  I feel like I can do anything.  The unit I'm with is amazing too!  It's full of awesome women, full of fun/creative ideas to keep their businesses going strong.

So far I have one member on my team -- that took me by surprise too.  I'm glad she did though.  That didn't take place at my party, that happened at one of our monthly "Girls Night Out".  I would love to expand my team, but that's not a personal goal I set for myself.  If it happens, it happens.



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