Monday, July 28, 2014

Chapter 1 - COMPLETE

mahal kita.  te amo.  ti amo.  je t'aime. 
This weekend we celebrated our *1 Year Wedding Anniversary* WHOOP WHOOP!  I like to think of it as a huge milestone in my life.  I never thought I'd be married... And like Mr. Brown has said -- "Look At Me Now" tee hee [cheesy, I know]. 

When we "found" each other, we weren't looking.  We worked [still do] in the same building; saw each other in passing.  We knew the same people.  I didn't think I was his type [sometimes I think I'm a little too ghetto haha] and I didn't think he was mine either [some stuck up cali boy].  Whether or not you hear his version [me STALKING him- he's full of shit] or mine [that he was STUCK UP], we both agree that we never expected to fall in love each other. 

"We Found Love In a Hopeless Place"

This weekend MY plan was to go to Myrtle Beach again and stay at a resort on the beach; that way we could be beach bums for most of our trip.  Then catch the evening show to watch the Pirates Voyage.

-- BUT --

My hubby had a different idea in mind.  Instead we went to Wilmington [duh fu*k right?]  It just so happens, our first "spontaneous" date/road trip was to Wilmington.  We were only supposed to go to dinner that night, but it ended up snowing.  So to be on the safe side we ended up crashing at a hotel for the night.  He thought it would be sweet if we went back to the same place, same restaurant, to "re live" our spontaneous night [aww how shhweet].

Day 1: We left after work on Friday after dropping off the kiddos with my sister.  My ass was knocked the fu*k out a majority of the ride.  Since it was late & we were exhausted, we ordered pizza for Day 1's romantic dinner :) [daddy would you like some sausage] tee hee!

Day 2: On Saturday we headed to the mall & did some shopping for the kids.  The mall even had an indoor glow mini golf course and laser maze that we both couldn't resist! [I kicked his ass in mini golf - like a boss] Haha!  We then found this bungee/ trampoline thing.  I was  too much of a puss to do any flips [dont judge me]  After our fun mall adventures we headed to the movie theater to watch "Tammy".  It was funny, but I was kind of disappointed it wasn't super duper funny [Melissa McCarthy is friggen hilarious].  Once our movie date was done we headed back to our hotel to freshen up, maybe spoon ;) & then headed to dinner downtown.

**SIDE NOTE** I must admit -- I felt SO out of place downtown.  There were a bunch of bars & clubs that we didn't go into, but I didn't even feel the urge to want to [haha I sound like I was feening].

Sorry, I got sidetracked!  [SQUIRREL].  Dinner was nom noms, just like I remembered it!  After dinner we found an ice cream shop that was oh so delicious.  My wittle self couldn't finish that shit.  After all that excitement we made it back to our hotel & crashed.

We're like an old married couple - tee hee!

I had a good time.  Of course, the fun/relaxing/much needed time had to come to an end [snap back to reality].  We stopped at a Cracker Barrel on the way home; it wasn't too bad.  I'm not going to lie, I missed my babies while away.  I'm guilty of checking my photos/videos on my phone to see their faces.  That was the first time we spent nights away from the newbie.  My little big man pretty much ditches us every weekend -- he's a grandpa's boy (:

It's been a fun/crazy/chaotic year.  If you're a reg then you already read that we celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary on Valentine's Day.  Yup, we weren't dating long before we got married [so whaaat].  This weekend did feel like a flashback though; except last time it was cold.  I miss those times so much.  The spontaneity we had has vanished or become scarce :/  It was so nice to spend some alone time together.  Nooo it wasn't like a full on sex-capade [unfortunately] tee hee jk jk! [maybe]  It was nice to just be able to lay around/go out/relax together.  It's kind of hard though when you have kids; we can't just hop in the car & drive off into the sunset.  Before our newbie was born, our little big man would do the usual and want to hang out with Grandpa on the weekend.  So instead of sitting at home we would dip and go do whatever.

Anyways --
26 July 2013 (photo cred: jws)
Regardless at how much he drives me insane, I look forward to more years to come with the love of my life.
"You had me at Marco..."

[I absolutely love her cover of this song!]


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