Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Put Your Face On

Good morning beautiful(s)!

So as you already know -- I am NOT a beauty guru.  I'm still in the learning stages - call me an amateur [only this once betch].

I feel like I have a shit ton of makeup in my makeup bag for someone who doesn't know much nor wear that much in the first place.

So if you'd like to achieve my boring look, my staples of my everyday makeup regime include:

- Concealer (covergirl tru blend fixstick)
- Mascara (mary kay lash love)
- Lip Exfoliator (e.l.f.)

These are my MUST-HAVES, otherwise I feel like I look dead or tired or run down or blah or bleh or meh or I'm in one of my "f**k off" type of moods.

[and if I'm not running behind]

- Brow Bar (bh cosmetics)
- Eye shadow (mary kay)
- Blush (mary kay)

I'm in the stages of finishing what I have so then I'll be using EVERYTHING Mary Kay (:  Because I'll be damned if I throw away all my makeup I bought prior to MK #sorrynotsorry tee hee

I don't carry my makeup bag in my purse.  I see some of my females friends do so... Hopefully none of my guy friends do [aca awkward] I sometimes end up paying for it though :/  I just feel like it's more unnecessary shit to carry along with the random Legos/snacks I find in my purse from my little big man or snack

No thank you.

So I'm just curious, what is everyone else's makeup must-haves?


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