Sunday, February 12, 2017

Viva Las Vegas!

Hellooo my lovely readers!

It's safe to say, I survived Las Vegas!  We had such a great time.  It was like a birthday and a long ass date rolled into one weekend.  I discovered that I suck at gambling lol  So to answer your question, we did not come home rich [boooooo].  

We spent the first day having me try out Roulette and Black Jack.  Then we met up with one of my old friends I knew back in NC who just so happened to be in NV at the same time.  He took us down Fremont St to check out what downtown was like.  They had this super cool zip line that stretched down the strip, which I REALLY wanted to do, but I talked myself out of it [heights just aren't my thing].  

And when they tell you you'll lose track of time while you're there - they are NOT lying.  We went to bed after midnight every single night we were there; my old ass couldn't believe it.  

I started off my birthday sitting at a bar drinking before noon [that was a first], just to kill some time while my Husband played Poker.  Later on we signed up to attend one of those lame timeshare presentations just so we can score some cheap ass tickets to see the Blue Man Group (#bluemangroup); which we got screwed over and didn't even get to see them [huge disappointment!]  My parents had attended one of their shows years ago and had highly recommended it.  The people who gave the timeshare presentation gave us the option that if we attended the 90 minute virtual presentation we could get:

  • a free 3-day vacation and $50, or 
  • free 3-day vacation and a free fancy dinner, or 
  • free 3-day vacation and a discounted show.  

I chose the show, which they promoted had two different times for SUNDAY 2/5 NIGHT.  So as we hiked [because it was a lot farther a walk than it looked] all the way to the Luxor to pickup our tickets for the show, we were told there were NO SHOWS scheduled for Sunday because of the SuperBowl.  Makes sense.  So then we had to walk back, past our hotel, back to this place where they hustle tourists on the daily, so we can get our money back.  And of course they tried to convince us to pick another show or to take the helicopter ride w/ champagne over the strip, but this birthday girl was NOT feeling it.  I just wanted our refund.  Instead the guy who we spoke to hooked us up with a better refund.  I don't know why we even bothered participating.  We attended one of these types of presentations before and I had been super pregnant at the time, it was torture - AND we didn't even utilize the free vacation...  Never again.

We didn't plan it, but we ended up matching for the concert

Later in the evening it was time for the the Ariana Grande (#ArianaGrande) concert and it was awesome!  To be honest, a few times I almost forgot that that was the whole point of our trip.  Victoria Monet (#VictoriaMonet) opened the show -  her voice was amazing, followed by Little Mix (#LittleMix) - I loved their energy, and then Ariana came out and owned it.  The show was great and even the people sitting around us were pretty entertaining as well.  In other important news, I finished a beer before my Husband.  Why is that even important?  Well for one, I don't really like beer and two, he loves beer.  It was a good size beer too, but I drank it like a champ.  

Waiting for the concert to start

On our last day we sat at the bar and watched the SuperBowl.  Neither of our teams made it to the SB, but I was rooting for the Patriots.  How about that game though?!  I'm not into football like that, but even I paid attention to that game.  I also spent some time during the game learning how to play 5-card Stud at the bar.  When you play so many games on the machine, it spits out a free drink voucher.  So instead of paying $15 a drink, we got 6 vouchers after only putting $20 in the machine [aaaaay!]  Another highlight was their bomb ass chicken wings and fries they served.  They were so good and a delicious distraction when the Patriots weren't doing so well.

Super Bowl!

Sadly, Monday had arrived which meant it was time for us to go home.  It felt odd being away from the kids for so long.  I texted and FaceTimed my Little Big Man throughout our whole trip.  So although I missed the kids, I have to admit it was nice having some 'us' time for a change.  We don't have a babysitter nor know anyone well enough to leave the kids with overnight.

So would I return?  Sure.  But as a tip, if you ever do plan to go, it is NOT cheap.  We stayed at the MGM Grand, attended a concert with good seats [no nosebleeds over here], ate a lot of food, drank, and gambled.  You need to take into account that you'll need money for parking, or for taxis, tipping, and if you don't have a kitchen in your room you'll be buying food constantly.  So you definitely need to plan and SAVE SAVE SAVE!     

Overall, that had to be one of my BEST birthdays ever.  My Husband went above and beyond to plan it and made sure I had a great time.  I know it wasn't cheap, but he didn't complain.  It's definitely one for the books.  I don't really care for super expensive things, hence why I was so surprised about the trip, but it was worth it.  I don't know how he could ever top this.  

I love you honey!

Positive vibes.


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