Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Family is Everything

Hi everyone!

When I'm not acting like a 'girl in junior high' or brainwashing my grown ass husband, this 'lovely bride' throws her husband a going away party.

I did just that and I'm so happy that I did.  Everyone seemed to have had a blast and the food was delicious.  My mom made some of her popular Filipino dishes to throw into the mix of burgers, fruit bowls, chips, etc.  I'm so glad that my family got to be here to be apart of this transition into the next chapter of our lives, as well as the friends that could make it.  We wanted to celebrate with all our family and friends and although some couldn't make it (and some chose not to) I'm thankful we got to do it while my family was here visiting.
Speaking of them being here, it felt great to be around family again.  My family is super close and we're very open with each other, and they've always been such a huge support system.  Which is why I was so happy they got to be here for a while because having a solid support system is so crucial - especially with what's to come - IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!  I feel like right now is time sensitive and fragile, so spending time with my husband/kids and my family felt beyond amazing!  With my husband's deployment nearing I'm grateful I have my supportive family to lean on, whether it be a phone call or while they were here.  When they were here they helped me lose track of time since we were so busy exploring CA and just enjoying each other's company.  We went to the Sky Zone Trampoline Park, San Diego Zoo, the beach, Disney California Adventure Park, and the Pirate's Dinner Adventure.  On top of all that, my mom did a lot of cooking while she was here.  She even hooked us up with her famous Lumpia and secret sauce [I'm seriously drooling over here].  I  felt like we were the ones on vacation!  It also almost felt like I was back home, we were just missing some of my siblings/their families.

I've been debating about going back home.  I thought I had my mind made up 100% that we'd stay here until he got back and then wait for our next steps in his military career, but apart of me feels like we should go back home because we have my big ass family to depend on.  Back home I have my family, friends that I would love to see again, and I wouldn't have to worry about dealing with assholes or fake people.  And let's not forget the food I've been missing! [I'm talking about you Smithfield's BBQ, Musashi's, Zaxby's, and Bojangles!]  I'm not saying going home means I have 'babysitters' as some like to call it because I'm definitely not the type to dump my kids on my parents every chance that I get.  Going home just seems comforting.

I just can't believe in less than two weeks he's going to be gone - and for a long time.  I keep finding myself dreading the day we have to make that trip to drop him off and say our goodbyes.  My throat gets tight, my eyes begin to water, and I feel myself wanting to ball my eyes out.  The longest time we've ever spent apart was a week.  We're not some clingy type of couple so that wasn't torture, but we also knew that he would be coming home soon.  Everyone keeps telling me to keep myself busy, but I already feel like I kind of do with the kids and the house.  I thought about getting a job, but with us down to just one parental unit I feel like that would make it more stressful for me having to juggle childcare, appointments, and school - and let's not forget I would still have to cook/clean.  I'm trying to remain hopeful [and remember to take deep breaths], but this is our first deployment.  And I didn't forget the kids, I can't help but stress how the transition is going to be for them.  I know that I have to be strong/tough for them, but I know it's also okay to have bad days.  It's hard to want to spend and enjoy every waking minute together without the other stuff clouding my mind.

I'm aware that I'll get the "that's what you get for marrying someone in the military" comment from some seasoned military spouse or someone who doesn't know any better, but none of that changes my feelings.  It still sucks.  But how lucky am I that I found someone who is brave and bad ass enough to enlist in a job like this?  So yes, the military life isn't all rainbows and butterflies, but it has it's moments.  Some say "only the strongest can handle this" and apparently to a lot of my family and friends think that I fall into that category.  But this is unknown waters for me - I'm nervous, scared, sad, stressed...  I'm truly flattered that some think so highly of me and what I can handle, but this is a biggie.

It hasn't even happened just yet, but it's like I'm already anticipating the countdown of his return.


I truly believe that family is everything.  They are always there when shit hits the fan or things fall apart [at least I know that mine are].  When I care about someone I don't appreciate when they are mistreated - in any shape or form.  I go into protective mode.  I feel that everything is a choice.  So when people make choices due to their own selfishness or are just down right inconsiderate, I feel they can't blame anyone else but themselves when things don't go their way.  I'll leave it at that.

Just some words of wisdom from yours truly.


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