Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Baby #3


To be or not to be... 

THAT is the question.

I'm totally kidding!  [which I would not announce a pregnancy via blogging to my family - they would whoop my ass lol] I'm actually talking about how many times I get asked "so Steph, when will you be having baby #3?" or "Steph, will there be another baby or are you guys done?"

Excellent quechen [in my Miranda Sings voice (: lol]

I grew up in a big family.  I love having a big family.


I don't know if my sanity can handle anymore kids.  I usually tell people I do have 3 kids already; my little big man, my newbie, and... my hubby.  He is very similar to a man-child #truth [ta ha].

I thought that with just one child life was a little harder.  First things first - [I'm the realest - I love me some Iggy Azalea lol] I was still a teenager; OF COURSE I thought life was so hard with a little person depending on me.  I was still going to school.  I was playing soccer.  I still had a lot of growing up to do.  I finally had to get a job. Luckily for me, I have an amazing family who helped me and made it as easy as possible for me so I still had somewhat of a "normal" [I use that term loosely] upbringing.

Now that I have two kids -- I feel like having one was a breeze!  Even with there being two of us to be parents I feel like I'm going crazy.  I suck at schedules/routines - and that's what babies/kids need.  If you ever come to our home - it's loud, crazy, chaos - or organized chaos?  There's definitely never a dull moment.

Do you know how often I have my cell phone or my sunglasses IN my hand and I'm going nuts searching for them...?

"See my impatient face right here?"
(If you don't understand the pic/caption, please be sure to watch the movie 30 Seconds Or Less)

Quite frequently.  It's the Mom Brain.  Before, I got to blame it on the pregnancy.  Now I blame it on being a mom of two [or three] :)  One of the many privileges of being a parent lol

Okay, so enough of the joking.  All jokes aside - I don't have a straight forward answer.  I honestly do not know if we ever [in the FUTURE] want to add to our family.  I believe that's a big decision.  I don't know if I'm ready to sacrifice this blob of a body for another round of expansion.  Having two kids and two c-sections has left me with slim to none in the confidence department.  My "hot" body has totally depleted.  Also, I can't stand when people continue to pop out babies to: 1.) "fix" their marriage, 2.) baby fever, 3.) they don't have enough sense to use some type of contraception, or 4.) benefits.  I think you should attempt to be more financially stable.  I would say be more "prepared" BUT I don't think you can ever be 100% prepared for a child(ren).

-- by the way --

I'm apart of a local wives group page and one of the topics discussed was (not verbatim) "I hate when people say they're not financially stable for a child because I don't think that's a valid excuse"...  Bitches be crazy.  Can someone please explain to me how it's NOT a valid excuse???  I guess you should rely on government assistance...?  No.  Don't get me started; that's a whole different topic for a different day/blog lol

-- back to the topic --

So will there be a Shaw Baby #3?  Who knows, maybe one day later in life.  You should totes continue to follow me on my blog ;)

When you're a parent I don't think you can ever find a balance.  I don't believe in finding a balance; you either find or become content with your life decisions.  Life is full of chaos and it can be beautiful or it can be a pain - it's what you make of it.


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