Monday, January 26, 2015

Shoulda Coulda Woulda


GOTCHA!  I'm going to be honest and say I really did enjoy the reactions to my last blog.  The blog pic was very misleading, but I'm happy it got your attention.  I should do that more often ;)

B. Tee. Dubs -

I totes love the feedback.  At first glance it usually looks like I post and just talk to myself or I converse with my #1 fan -- my pops (:  But I do get texts, Facebook/Instagram comments & messages, a phone call, or even in person telling me they love reading my blog or there was something I wrote about that they could relate to.  Honestly, it truly makes me happy.  I'm very confident about my writing technique [one of the few things I'm confident about] and I'm glad people enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it.  If I could write a column for a magazine...  Oh em gee - I can't even right now [for some odd reason I'm on my white girl hype, forgive me]. 

What If?

What if you didn't take that job?  What if you didn't spend so much on that last shopping spree?  What if you didn't marry whomever?  What if you didn't quit?  What if you would of said no?  What if you waited?

And the list goes on...

Like most of my fellow *overthinkers* that question comes to mind like a reoccurring nightmare.  It's so friggen frustrating! 

I sometimes wonder, what if I didn't entertain a certain someone's interest?  Would I still have ended up where I am today?  Probably not [please note - I am not speaking from regret]  I'm happy I found the love of my life.  It's just a lot of times I feel like I'm holding him back; which I've stated before.  I've grown out of going out and have become such a hermit.  Where as he enjoys doing anything that means having a good time; I like to occasionally.  I'm well aware I talk about my marriage a lot and it's not always about the good things; which sparked the question: "do you ever feel like you share too much about your relationship?"  My reply: Not really.  If I wanted to I could go more in depth and get down to the nitty gritty, but I don't.  Surprisingly, I do like to keep some things private.  I like to be open and share what's on my mind.  Sometimes I hope to hear that I'm not the only one who thinks/feels a certain way.  My marriage is important to me and I take it seriously so of course it's always going to be on my mind.  Just be glad I'm not sharing the sexy details [tee hee]

Another question: "am worried about some of the things I write about?"  Well the answer is: no.  Before I start bitching that "it's my right" and "freedom of speech" let's -- pump. our. brakes.  I have always been the type where I didn't really care if anyone likes it or not.  Helluuuur!  This is MY blog full of MY opinions and MY point of views; I'm well aware not everyone will agree with me.  I'm perfectly okay with that.  My intent isn't to hurt anyone's feelings; I just like to call it like I see it.  I'm aware no one likes to hear [or in this case read] the truth. 

I know - or hope - that I'm not the only one who falls into that "what if" slump.  My advice is to not stay in that slump.  It's ok to think back and question yourself sometimes, but don't back track.  You can't move forward if you're constantly looking back or trying to live in the past.  So... wait for it...  Everything happens for a reason [BOOM! Perfect cliché

I know this can't top my last blog post, but it'll do for now -- I'm trying to get on track & blog weekly :)  So stay tuned!


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