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TWO posts in ONE week?! Say what, say what???

This is a fun post, that's all about... ME! (:

Yesterday I realized that it was 8 days until my birthday. I normally already have a countdown going around Christmas time... [tee hee] But seriously, my friends would hate it because I would constantly remind them. So when I stumbled upon that realization I was kind of shocked. I'll be 26 next Wednesday.

Can I start saying I feel old yet???

Any who, I thought it would be fun and totally vain to post a birthday *WISH* list [yaaaaaay!]

1. Who doesn't LOVE Victoria's Secret? Whether it be their super expensive bras or their cheeky panties [uhh that's such a dirty word] or their fabulous perfumes.  I LOVE it all. However, it is weird to share that with my family... I can picture my dad/brothers cringing in disgust [ta ha!] Well boys, that's what giftcards are for.
--Bombshell perfume
--Tease perfume
--Pink perfume
--PINK bras size: 34C [itty bitty titty committee, party of 1], colors: black, neon hot pink, firecracker red, buff

2. I may have a small obsession with Forever21. If I could I would wear leggings EVERY. DAMN. DAY. I would. Apparently, that would be frowned upon in my office [or so they say!]
--Ideas: Cute, Cuter, Fancy, and Ooolala
--color: plain black
--size: small

3. Since I work in an office environment I own a lot of blazers/cardigans; looking all spiffy and professional. I try my best not to wear them outside of work because HELLOOOOO! I probably already took a selfie or #ootd pic in it... [I kid, I kid] But am I the only one who notices that???
--colors: black, tan, burgundy, pink, peach, mustard yellow, olive green, black peplum
--size: medium

4. Like panties [uhh there goes that dirty word AGAIN], you can never have too many camisoles.
--colors: black, white, brown, pink, mustard yellow
--size: medium

5. You'll start to notice a trend, but I already admitted I have a problem. My FAVORITE black knee-high wedge boots from Forever21 are not looking so NEW anymore :( So it's time for a new pair.. or two? [who cares that spring is on the way!?]
--color: black
--size: 6

6. I found these super cute socks at... Forever21. By unanimous vote, they should be added to my wardrobe.
--size: umm... small? or whatever size fits a size 6

7. I dream of the day I have long lushful [is that even a word?] lashes. Until then, I really like L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara. {you can find it at Wal-Mart or any drugstore}

8. I think everyone's wishlists should also include some necessities. I'm running out of my FAVORITE dry shampoo. If you don't use dry shampoo, YOU SHOULD. {can be found at Ulta or any drug store}
--original scent

9. One of my goals this year is to read more. I love reading and I've been slacking so much in that department. I've been trying to finish reading Fifty Shades and haven't yet! [wtf] It's a great book and once I start reading I can't put it down. However, being a parent I sometimes don't have a choice but to put it down. I came across this book and think it's quite fitting for me. I also really enjoy learning about Greek Mythology, so I thought this was pretty neat.  {check the bookstores}

10. I've mentioned it plenty, but I have stretch marks [eww I know]. I want to try this body scrub that's supposed to help make them fade and it won't make my eczema freak the fu*k out.

11. If all else fails, I love coffee mugs [funny ones!]

12. Now this is the part where I get pricey. My 2006 ride doesn't have an Auxiliary Input Port; that's just... UNJUST! So maybe installing one in my car would be cool?

13. I'm just throwing this out there for my hunk of a husband, but maybe I can upgrade my iPhone 5S to a iPhone 6?! :) [who knows, you could get laid lmao]

Ok, ok I think I'm done [thank God!]. Again, it's a *WISH* list and it's for shits & giggles.


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