Friday, October 2, 2015


Hi errrbody!

According to my Instagram/Facebook - my hair is PURPLE ish pink (:

As you may have noticed, I get bored rather QUICKLY when it comes to my hair color.  My natural hair color is dark brown.  I've had light brown, ombre, black, Ariel/Mermaid red *my favorite*, and now this odd shade of purple that I concocted. 

I used Manic Panic: Ultra Violet and Manic Panic: Hot Hot Pink.  I mixed it to the color I desired and covered all the blonde in my hair.  It came out to a dark brown/purple/pink ombre.  I liked it a lot; I felt like it resembled a dark enchanted forest [hahahaa].

23-Sep-2015, the day after I dyed it
One problem - it began to fade after ONE week!  [what. in. thee. fuck.]  It's now some ugly squid purple.
So before the questions start rolling in, YES I use cold ass water to wash my hair [it's a pain in the ass] and NO I do not wash it errrrday [ew, helluuur dry shampoo hee hee].  My problem is since I am currently still following a workout plan, I do need to wash my hair more often than I want to; sweaty hair isn't very attractive.

So yesterday I decided to apply another purple/pink concoction on my entire head.  I'm aware the dark parts of my hair will not be as purple as my ends,but I'm ok with that. 
Anyways, now you can take a glance at my lovely adventure of coloring my hair - again. **P.S. I AM NOT A LICENSED COSMEOTOLOGIST, I DO THIS AT MY OWN RISK**

First - Put on gloves or your hands will look like Crayola just gangbanged it
Second - Get out your color(s)
Third - Mix your color(s) to the desired shade

I kinda, sorta forgot to snap a pic of my lovely updo prior to covering it, so obviously that step is missing.  So right now you'll just have to use your imagination and picture a messy/nappy mess with tons of silver clips holding it all in place on top of my head :)

Fifth - Since I didn't have a clear/plastic cap to cover my head, I improvised & used a Walmart bag [a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do lol]

And drumroll please...



I made the mistake of applying the color TOO close to my scalp, more like ON my scalp - hence the staining.  However, I am so happy with the outcome!  This time it's more on the purple side, but that was the point. 

Funny note, so shortly after my hair had finally air dried we had to go to the grocery store; there's supposed to be a hurricane [Joaquin] and we still needed food regardless.  Anywho - while shopping I kept noticing people stare at me.  My initial reaction is "what the fuck are you looking at!?"  [staring is rude, I can't help it]  I don't actually SAY it out loud [most of the time].  Then I realized my hair is this bright ass purple so no duh people are staring.  My favorite reactions are when little girls see my hair and get all excited.  An older lady shared with me that the two little girls that were shopping with her, her granddaughters I assume, LOVED my hair and I just thought it was so cute. 

I'm getting closer and closer to becoming a mermaid, I have the bright hair and my thighs touch all the time ;p


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