Monday, August 24, 2015


Good morning & hopefully everyone had a not-so-horrible time getting all the kids back to school today!

As for me, today is going to be a very busy day:

1. My husband is TAD all week
2. That means I have double kid duty
3. First day of school
4. I have Mary Kay packages to mail out today
5. I must provide my proof of residence to the school
6. My last full week of work [AHHH! 5 MORE DAYS!]
7. First day of soccer practice
8. Oh by the way, I'm Team Mom :)
9. Do we HAVE to eat dinner? [kidding!]

So YES there's a lot on my plate today/all week, but I CAN DO IT! [helluuuur my Waterboy movie reference tee hee]

Can someone please explain to me why you can't miss someone or be bummed that they're gone... Regardless of the time frame?

I had made a comment about "damnit, my husband is going to be TAD all next week"...  It was misinterpreted as I was OH SO DEPRESSED & SAD that he was going to be gone.  That wasn't what I meant, but SO WHAT if I did...?  If I miss him because he's gone for a week - boo f*cking who, I miss him.  If I miss him because he's gone for a night to be on duty - boo f*cking who, I miss him.  He is my husband and he's a part of my everyday routine; so you're damn skippy I'm going to miss him.

The ironic thing was I made the comment because I came to the realization that I had MORE on my plate; that I couldn't share some of the responsibilities with someone else.

I don't apologize for my feelings nor do I feel the need to have to explain them.  I feel that whatever you're feeling you shouldn't feel bad about; you can't help what you're feeling.  Plus I felt this was something I could blog about [tee hee].

I figure I can mark this down via social media - this is the FIRST time my Husband & I have been apart this long [ERMAHGURD!].  It's not a big deal to some, but it's a big deal to me :)  We are still new to the Military Lifestyle as a family.  The longest we've been separated was because he had duty; we're usually stuck up each other's ass. 

So NO I haven't experienced a deployment and NO I didn't get to experience him being away at boot camp.  I didn't realize that you're only entitled to feel a certain way at specific time frames.  This whole Military Lifestyle shit can be ridiculous.  It's like you're never allowed to complain about shit when it comes to your active military significant other.  You can't complain or be upset that they have to leave.  You can't complain if they have to work late.  You can't complain if they have to take care of their Marines before their very own family.  You can't complain about taking care of the kids because your active military significant other's job comes first.  Who the hell makes up this shit anyways??? 

For all my non-military affiliated readers - doesn't that sound insane?!

#SorryNotSorry - but you bet your ass I complain. 

In my mindset we are equal.  Your job isn't any more important than mine [which I guess that excuse will be expiring very soon].  We share responsibilities because I didn't sign any paper stating I will be anyone's slave/maid/bitch.

I am tired of people making a mockery of military spouses.  "Well you don't understand what it's like to be a Marine.." - it's more like "Well maybe you don't know what it's like to be a civilian".  Not everyone understands the struggle.  I'm lucky so far that mine hasn't been that rough - yet.  I like to keep an open mind that I know this will be one hell of a rollercoaster ride.

I happen to enjoy being around my husband [for the most part lol] so when we don't see each other I DO miss him.

It just goes to show that I do love him.

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