Monday, August 31, 2015

Last Day As A Working Mom

Good morning!

Today is the day - My countdown has reached 0

I'm excited, but it's still bittersweet.

I know what you're probably thinking, "well you were already contemplating about becoming a stay at home mom"...  EXACTLY.  I was only contemplating the decision, but that decision was made for me.  There were good days and there were bad days, just like any other job.  Over the course of 7 years some of my co-workers grew to be people I consider friends; I even found a couple that I consider my best. 

It'll be different waking up and not having to rush through the house to get all pretty for my day ahead.  It'll be different not having lunch plans almost EVERY day with the girls [planning beginning at 0900 lol].  It'll be different not being spoiled with Dunkin Donuts coffee when the time permits.  It'll be different not whispering through our cubicle (hand-made) window about the assholes in the office.

I will not miss dealing with the people who lied and got away with it.  I will not miss the favoritism.  I will not miss the rules that changed due to a change in mood.  I will not miss typing last minute orders that popped up in my email.  I will not miss the millions of lists/rosters I've had to create and upkeep.  I will not miss the fact that I haven't had the tiniest raise in 2-3 years, but other people did - some not close to deserving.


This is a new beginning for me and for my family.

It's a BIG change and a step in a new direction.  I've always done well with adapting (due to constant moving when my Dad was still Active Duty).  Since I had my Little Big Man I've always worked.  So I'm going from always making my own income, to now depending on someone else's; that just doesn't sit well with me.  I almost feel kind of helpless.

But you know what, I got this


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