Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Why herrro! 
WE MADE IT! 1 year down & many more to go! (:
Sorry I've been M.I.A. lately -- I've been taking a time out from the web & staying offline for a few.  I totally forgot that I promised you all [my followers... IF there are any of you out there] pics of the cute Pinterest gifts I put together for my hubby.  So here it is:

1.  The usual - heart shaped box of chocolates, BUT instead I added his choice of poison: his good friend, Jose Cuervo mini tequila bottles!  I actually didn't realize I bought that big of a box, so the tequila didn't fill the box :(  So I had to compromise and put both the Hershey's Pot of Gold chocolates w/ the Jose Cuervo tequila bottles.
2.  A handy dandy mason jar filled with Hot Tamales candy!  See our FIRST Valentine's Day I used the same kind of candy.  It's a fave of ours.  So I had no other choice, but to use it again.  Then of course I had to add a touch of *me* to it with some cute animal print ribbon :)
3.  (NOT pictured) I bought him a recliner.  He's been wanting one to put in the living room - his "man" chair LOL
I was actually surprised when I woke up.  I knew he was working up something downstairs the night before [he wouldn't let me go downstairs past the landing LOL].  The next morning I come downstairs to my dining room table filled with cute gifts and rose petals covering the floor and table from my hubby & boys!
When it comes to me, I don't need something BIG or expensive.  Every once in a while, something big or flashy is fabulous, but the thoughtful ones are what's best.  A single flower of my fave is good enough.  I think my favorite gift from him this year was:
"my love for you stops when the last rose dies"
[yes, the rose in the middle is fake (:]
Then later on that day, my sister came by once she got off work and we dipped to OG!  Olive Garden DUHH!  Since I take "too" long to get ready [pshhh!]  we had to stand around in the cold/waiting room for an hour... duhhfuck...  It def was nice to get out.  That cabin fever hits me quite a bit LOL.

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  1. I read what the note said about the last rose dying and I was thinking to myself "that wasn't thought out well... Roses only last like a week!" so I'm glad to know there is a fake in there!