Wednesday, May 21, 2014


When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

As for me, when I was a child all I ever wanted to be was…

[Wait for it…] 

A model

I loved their glamorous lifestyle. I loved their pretty hair and fancy attire. When I was younger, I didn’t care about the big bucks, I just thought they were gorgeous. I thought that when you were a model, it meant you were gorgeous and that’s all I wanted to be. 

Haha the funny things kids come up with, right? I love how open-minded children can be. When you were a child you thought anything you put your mind to or wanted, you could get so easily. It was all just an arm’s length away. 

Actually, I take that back. 

It depends on how ambitious you are. You can be anything you want to be as long as you have the desire to put in the work/effort to accomplish it. Well ladies and gents, ambition is something I lack. Truthfully, I’m slightly envious of people who have so much ambition and are successful at whatever it is they were going for. 

As of right now at the ripe age of 25, I still don’t know what I want to do with myself. I’m currently a secretary Administrative Professional. I type orders for my fellow co-workers who assist/train the Marines. I make their reservations and keep tabs on where they’re traveling and when they’re not working. I review their input for their daily tasks. I review their travel claims when they return from a trip so they can be reimbursed. It’s decent, but like most jobs there’s drama and stupid people and double standards. The norm… The only issue I have with my job is I have no possibility of being promoted or moving up. Hell I haven’t had a raise in 2-3 years! Why??? According to the big wigs, it’s because the funding for our contract is blah so they can’t afford to give anyone a raise… 


My bad – RANT OVER haha! It’s like I had said – the usual office drama. 

I would love if my blog became something a lot of people were into; maybe even having a column in a paper or magazine. I’d probably have to stop talking like a sailor. As much as I would love to be a *MODEL (: I was “blessed” with being fun size and having a “different” look. 

I want a job where it doesn’t feel like one. How’s the saying go? “Find a job that you love because you’ll never have to work a day in your life” or something like that. 

Maybe I can work for a fashion magazine [tell me why I instantly think of 13 Going on 30 or the Devil Wears Prada…?]. 

I love hearing people speak in another language. I’m currently trying to learn how to speak, what I –SHOULD- already know, *Tagalog – thanks to my handy-dandy Rosetta Stone app on my phone. I could probably consult my Mama, but she works too. I want to learn to speak Spanish and French as well. 

Another outrageous job I’m interested in: being a translator for the po-po! 

*WHOOP WHOOP that’s the sound of the police* 

Don’t judge me lol (: That song had popped into my train of thought. 

So I could rock the FBI jacket [like in the movies!], but only be handy to translate stuff when whomever is speaking some other ishh. 

What was your ambition when you were little? I’d love to read about it. Maybe we can relate so I don’t sound like I’m cray-cray haha 



  1. When I was young, I wanted to be...a California Highway Patrol officer! My mom worked at a pizza parlor and the CHIPs and other police officers were always stopping in to get a bite to eat. I idolized them and thought their job was one where you got to make a difference in the world and you got to help people. I also thought their jobs were exciting and full of adventure. But as my high school career began to come to an end, and I was at odds with my parents (another story for another day), I got another idea. I was always seeing these U.S. Navy commercials on TV, saying "It's not just a job, it's an adventure!" And my dad had served in the Navy for four years. So, wanting to get away from home and thinking maybe I could do something to make my parents proud of me, I enlisted in the Navy! After serving one term, family events led me to another out do whatever my dad had done in the Navy. As I started to progress up the ranks, an opportunity arose for me to get into the Navy's law enforcement program, and become a Master-At-Arms! My Navy law enforcement career took me to many places, I experienced many significant events, and I received a ton of training. It opened doors for me when i retired as well. So, while I didn't get to become a CHIP, I think I did get to do something in the same arena, that gave me the adventure, and the rewarding satisfaction I made a difference.
    You're still young enough to entertain a career change. I like your ideas on finding something fashion related, as you have a knack for it, and it's something you enjoy. I'm sure you're a valued employee where you work, but the economy hasn't allowed for bonuses in the gov't sector for the past 6 years (I don't think I need to explain why we're having this problem). Not having any advancement opportunities at your job is disheartening, but it's a part of the gov't employment system. I only got the position I got because the supervisor left, and I had the right qualifications and experience.
    You keep looking and I hope you find something you would like to do! You know you have my total support!

    1. Dad, I think it's awesome that you've always stuck to the same type of job. Law enforcement is definitely your cup of tea & you do it so well (:

  2. A job that you love so much it doesn't feel like a job? I'm with you there sister! Let's start our own e-magazine... It could have the latest beauty and hair tips... What's hot in fashion, some recipes... And a blog spot. You in? :)

    1. Boo face! I would love that! I'm totally down if you are!!!

  3. Maybe you could grow your blog as a fashion critic!! You could be the Siskel and Ebert of Nordstroms!

    1. Uncle Jim that sounds like a plan, I just need more people reading my blog posts/sharing them. Maybe THEN my blog would be recognized.