Thursday, May 15, 2014

Stay-at-Home vs Working Full Time

This seems to be an ongoing issue that I constantly see on my Facebook feed. Before I start my lovely blabbering and outrageous OPINIONS ;) let me say – I’m not hating on either or.

For starters, I work full-time. I consider myself a full-time Mommy and full-time Secretary. If the CDC calls me saying my newbie is sick, I will leave work for the day to tend to him. If the school calls and says my little big man is sick, I will do exactly the same thing. My babies come FIRST. The only difference is being a Mommy doesn’t pay my bills.

I feel like there’s some insignificant battle between who is busier, etc. I don’t get what the fuss is all about.

I wouldn’t mind attempting to try the whole “stay-at-home Mom” thing. It would save me $716/month in child care costs. I’d have more time to attempt to clean up the house while trying to take care of my newbie and/or run errands and have dinner made by the time everyone is home. Hmm… That sounds like a lot of shit to do.  

Well, try doing all of that (minus taking care of the newbie since he goes to the CDC) while working a full 8-hour day at a job. Let me give you a glimpse of how my day goes:

0530: Get up, brush my teeth, straighten my hurrr, put my face on - OK! And maybe take a peek at Instagram and Facebook
0600: Make my way downstairs to heat up a bottle for my newbie before he wakes up screaming his heart out, meanwhile label/pack his bottles for the day, and pack my breakfast/lunch to take to work, turn on the Keurig.
0620: Go BACK upstairs to wake up my newbie with my loud, exaggerated “good morning!” greetings, then change his potent pee diaper, and then get him dressed for the day.

0640: Insert bottle into my newbie’s mouth, and burp him while trying to avoid a waterfall of warm throw up.

0655: I finally put my nice work clothes on.

0700-0710: My rush process starts – run downstairs and put my newbie into his car seat, while making sure my little big man has put his lunch into his backpack and will keep his butt in a chair AT the table to finish his breakfast, and loading the diaper bag and any other damn bag I end up bringing for the day into my car, make my coffee TO GO.

0715-0720: Rush out the door with my newbie in tote so we can hurry onto base.

0730-1630: I am at work.

1630: Time to go pick up my newbie, while my hubby goes to pick up our little big man.


1701-2200: Get my little big man started on homework, rinse out bottles, start dinner, change out of my work clothes, -STOP- my newbie is crying… -OK- GO! Put away clean dishes, start washing the dirty ones that were left in the sink, fold laundry, sweep up the kitchen, yay dinner is ready! Clean up the table, wash more dishes (IF I’m not too tired), clean bottles, convince my little big man to take a shower and brush his teeth, tuck him in…

Now doesn’t that sound like A LOT too?  

That’s all on a “good” day. I didn’t mention if I had to go to the grocery store or if it was a game day for my hubby or if my little big man had soccer practice.

So before anyone starts bashing who “does the most”… SHUT THE F*CK UP. Please and thanks.

If you are some lazy ass, who sits at home all day; watching TV, glued to your cell phone/computer, just lounging around – then YES I think you suck. How about MAKE YOURSELF USEFUL? Am I jealous? Maybe to a certain extent; I would love to be able to pick up my little big man after school so he’s not stuck at an after-school program until me or my hubby get off of work, or take care of my newbie at home vice him being at the CDC around a bunch of other spawns exchanging germs.

Some of you are so busy pointing fingers and bashing each other that you miss the bigger picture; we’re all working towards the same thing – taking care of our families. At least those of us who work; whether at an 8-hour job or to keep your home happy. So eff you to the lazy bums, who drop their kids off at school or daycare all day just so you can sit on your finger and rotate!


I’m glad I can help provide for my family. I’m thankful that I even have a nice job that gives me the ability to contribute to taking care of my family. I’m not the type who likes to depend on my hubby to be the main bread winner. I’m highly capable of doing things on my own.

So I’ll leave you with these words of wisdom from Mr. Webbie himself:


I – N – D – E – P – E – N – D – E – N – T do you know what that mean!?” 



  1. Surprise, surprise! I read your blog. All good points. I wish all moms could be "stay at home" moms. It used to be that way. But the women's rights movement and the economy changed things, and it's just not in the cards for most families. I'm a little biased towards working moms, since I was raised by one, as were my kids (for the most part), and my daughters all work and raise kids. It's hard. Much harder than staying home. And I truly wish it didn't have to be this way.

  2. I also consider myself a "full time mom/worker". i really hate seeing people complain about having to spend all day with their kids, yet have their occupational status on Facebook as : full time mommy and lovin' it :) , or something stupid like that. I would kill to never have to go to work as long as my little one was not in school. As much as i say "oh i need a break" (which every mom does deserve), i love spending ever waking moment with my baby girl. It will be different when she does start school though because then i will have nothing to occupy my time. i don't know i just HATE seeing women bitch and whine about how hard it is to be a stay at home mom and not have an actual job. I do everything a stay at home mom does AND work 12 hr shifts 3 days a week.

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