Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Better late than ever right?

From where you are sitting right now [this only works if you're not sitting alone], what do you see?  I constantly see, on a daily basis, people playing on their phones; not excluding myself.

We tend to pay more attention to what is going on on that 6.7 square inch screen [or bigger since phones are evolving into the size of iPads] than what is happening right in front of us.  There are numerous occasions where my husband and I have gone out to dinner and both of us have our faces buried in our phone; our full attention glued to our phone screens vice each other - GUILTY.

I cannot remember a day where technology didn't effect any of my relationships.  Isn't that pathetic?!  In the past there was always someone messaging people on the down low being all sneaky and shit, or using a passcode/pattern to lock their phone, or "poking" someone to be flirtatious, or posting vague statuses that only certain people could encrypt.  Now it's like "who is she?" or "how do you know her" or "who is that chick that started following you"...  It's all immature and ridiculous - & unnecessary.

When there's an abundant exchange of messages over a touchy topic you can only assume the emotion the other person is feeling on the opposite side of the conversation.  When you throw in emoji's then comes the assumption a "winky face" is equivalent to flirting - [which I agree]

We also use technology as an excuse: "Sorry I didn't hear my phone go off, it was on vibrate" or "hey I texted you earlier, I guess it didn't go through " or my favorite - "So I tried calling/texting you, but you haven't responded.. (YET you're liking shit on Facebook/Instagram)", or for those who don't have the balls [or ovaries?] to do it face-to-face, the infamous break up text.

Shit, we can't even drive to someone's house to pick them up anymore without texting them that you're outside waiting.  What happened to actually physically walking to the door and knocking?

We can't even celebrate precious moments without inviting complete strangers to share those moments with; just to gain a "Like" or two.  We live in a world where privacy is almost non-existent.

But this is how we live now.  It's kind of scary to try to visualize what it will be like when our children are older.

I think with today's generation it's so easy to fall out of love because we rely on technology to express ourselves; whether it be to show someone love or rant about how they pissed you off.  Some, like myself, may use it to compare ourselves; no matter what there's always some half naked person flaunting their shit.  Well my wittle insecure self does NOT like seeing that shit.  What happened to keeping that shit private?

We no longer feel the need to do things ourselves.  We send text messages to say "I Love You" or ask each other how their day is going.  What if you're the type of couple who text each other all day, what's left to talk about when you're finally alone together?  Wouldn't you run out of material to share because you pretty much gave them a play by play ALL day?

Even phone calls are replaced by text messages; it's more convenient.

It's like we're more concerned with what's the world's latest and greatest obsession on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. that we forget that we need REAL social interaction.  We use technology to replace actually speaking to a person. 

We forget to show REAL emotion; our hugs and kisses are replaced with X's and O's.  We no longer care to be as intimate.  We rather lay in bed at night skipping through our news feeds until we're tired enough to go to sleep, rather than have sex [that option even sounds better, so WHY?].  Intimacy is very important in a relationship; it connects two people on a whole different level.  So if you're a lot happier or satisfied watching Vines... Umm - we have a problem [tee hee].

Sometimes I try to picture my husband and I together years from now, all wrinkly and old as we sing to oldies in our car as we drive to the grocery store, still together - happy.  But with how we live today it's like -  HOW the hell is that even possible?  By the time we're that old, we won't be driving - we'll be in some electric auto-pilot car and the oldies would be long gone and grocery stores wouldn't exist because now you can order it online and have it delivered...

Yea... That is a bit extreme, but you get my point.

I need real social interaction.  I need a real physical bond - or sex [sorry fam lol].  I need real emotion.

Apparently, I just admitted to being one needy bitch.

So after you've read my lovely blog post, go out and actually speak to someone or hug someone.


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