Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Hair Chronicles (Follow Up)

Hi again!

For those of you who read my previous blog post it's safe to say my hair is... SAVED!

This morning I watched MORE Youtube videos to get a better idea as to what I wanted to do to fix my boo-boo(s).  I finally jumped in my car and drove to Sally's Beauty Supply to buy a tub of bleach and some deep conditione and anything else I thought I needed to take care of the damage.  Once I explained what I did to the clerks, they were even a tad bit nervous as to what to do with my now damaged hair.  Once I heard "you may need to cut it off if you damage it anymore" it stuck with me the whole ride home and freaked me out.  So once I got home I ended up stalling some more and tried to do some more research on what I should/shouldn't do. 

All I kept envisioning was while rinsing my hair after letting the bleach process that chunks of my hair would begin to fall out.  Talk about a f*cking nightmare! 

Have I mentioned how much I adore my hair?!

After giving myself - and all my friends lol [I love you all] - a massive headache, I decided to go to the salon where my lovely friend [Liz @ Bladz & Rayz] could fix it. 

Testing a strand with Lightener

Covered all my ends in Lightener / processing

Rinsed out all that junk - HELLO BRASSY!

After applying a base color I had to leave (hence why I'm in my car) and pickup my Little Big Man and then return / yes I drove through town and on base looking this ratchet lol

She didn't like my brassiness so she applied another color

Why the change of heart?  I kept doubting myself, especially with using bleach, and was psyching myself out.  It didn't help that I already f*cked it up in the first place which just added to my self-doubt.  I know I'm not a professional/licensed cosmetologist and NEVER claimed to be, but I take pride in my hair, make up, eyebrows, belly, droopy ass, etc. You get my point.

I figured since I did such an awesome job doing my OWN red hair (Ariel inspired) being no one at the salon could achieve THAT shade of red "without bleach" (which I found to be false) that this was going to be just as easy.

So what did I learn?  You can't always Do It Yourself. 

How much did I spend doing it myself:

- $8.99/each, (x2) L'Oreal box color from Target
- $5.89/each, (x2) L'Oreal Hi-Color from Sally's Beauty Supply
- $0.99, Red Gold Additive
- $3.29, 30 Vol. Developer
- $13.99, Powder Bleach
- $9.99, Clear/Sulfate Free Shampoo
- $6.79, Sulfate Free Conditioner
- $1.89/each, Deep Conditioning packets
- $.39, Plastic Processing cap

Total: $68.98

That's not even including the tax.  How about the gas traveling to/from the local Walmart, surrounding Walmart, Target, and Sally's.  I can't forget to add the gas to the next city (in the opposite direction) to go to the other Sally's to pickup the supplies to "fix" my disaster.  Who knows how much more money/gas I would of spent/used to "fix" my hair if I had actually ended up using the bleach...


After 4 hours, COMPLETE

Better lighting

Long Hair Don't Care with minimal boobage 

So anyways, I'm now at home currently enjoying my new hair and having my very own photoshoot :)


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