Monday, April 27, 2015

My DIY Hair Fail

Good morning!

I'm starting to think I should start Vlogging - because this past weekend my hair experience was a FAIL.  Help me here, I'm trying to see the funny side of it all.

I LOVE my hair; it's probably one of my favorites when it comes to me.  My hair is naturally a dark brown; brunettes do it best [hey girl hey].  I love trying new things with my hair - hence that bright red mermaid hair.  I have a habit of seeing a beauty Vlog on Youtube, do some more research, and then end up trying it out myself.

Before I tortured my hair

Which brings me to this weekend.  I had been saying it for a week or two that I was FINALLY going to change my hair! 

Fail #1

So Saturday night I bought L'Oreal box color from Target - totally out of my norm [I prefer buying my supplies at Sally's Beauty Supply and mixing it all myself].  So what happens when I try this miraculous/easy way of lightening my hair *without* bleach?  FAIL.  The only thing that would take was my roots.  
My 2nd attempt

So I decide to try AGAIN on Sunday morning.  I used the same box color for round two thinking maybe I should leave it in a little longer to process...  What happened?  FAIL. 

Not much of a change, or just my horrible selfie skills
So now I've already struck out twice!  I'm at the point that I'm beginning to freak out and I'm beyond frustrated. 

Here goes round 3

*By the way, the reason it's purple is because I mixed an additive so the blonde color wouldn't make my hair look brassy.

So I turn back to Youtube and watch more videos to try to guide me in the process of lightening my hair.  I come across another video of another lady using my *favorite* products to lighten her dark brown hair. 

My 3rd attempt, which I did my roots last

What happened then?  FAIL.  It is now Sunday NIGHT and I have bright roots and dark brown hair. 

Look at this shit!

No, it does not look decent.

No, I cannot cover it up.

No, I will not go to work looking like that.

Why didn't you just go to the salon?  Because it's cheaper to do it myself and I like experimenting with my hair.  I don't know if you go to the salon that often, but that shit can be EXPENSIVE; especially with long hair.

So I will spend today deciding if I want to continue lightening the rest of my hair - with a HIGH risk of A LOT of damage - or attempt to cover up all the light ass roots.

Sometimes it's so hard being a female ;)


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