Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Runaway Train Part Dos / Don't Change

For those lovely readers who are following the Runaway Train Series, it continues...

Let me shed some *proof* that I know what I'm talking about:  [these are not my words, I'm repeating what I was told]

--  The Dirty Tampon Girl... That nickname was actually shared with me & everybody within earshot.  Apparently, you don't change yours like you're supposed to.  Other than being disgusting you're a moocher who constantly needs rides, food, & money from everyone.

--  Miss Annoying...  Don't let her size fool you, she thinks she is apart of management; being she knows everything.  Plus you're just plain annoying and talk too much.

--  Copycat aka Home Wrecker...  You try so hard to be like her and copy everything she says/does.  When you're not busy doing that you try to steal everyone's man.  So ladies, watch out!

--  You Fancy Huh?  My oh my... Did you see what she wore out to the club?  She stays going out all the time and I can't believe she even wore that!

--  In Between the Sheets...  What you & your hubby do behind closed doors... Isn't a secret.  Apparently you take charge when it's time to bump uglies.

--  Misses Talks A lot...  You talk to a different man every day on many websites.  You would even travel out of state or country just to be with them.

--  Act Your Age...  You're old so stop trying to act young.  Also, you're always trying to be in everyone else's business.

--  Dirty Girl...  You keep dog/cat food, dirty diapers, and trash in the same pantry.  You don't clean up after yourself; such as leaving dirty diapers everywhere.

This last one I feel kind of sorry for,

-- I just don't like her because I don't.  You and your goonies continuously picked on her for NO REASON.  Instead of keeping things where they belong, you shared private information with everyone.

Let's not forget the incident with one of my other family member's "not inviting the train wreck to stay the night" and being a big bad meanie.  For the record, the incident that occurred wasn't him being cruel/mean by refusing to let someone stay overnight -- someone wanted to get a little freaky a little too soon and my family member thought that was too fast and it made the night uncomfortable; to me that sounds like a gentleman.  I don't know if anyone still uses this term, but all I read was SKANK.  In my book it's still not ok to hop from one d*ck to another the following day or week.

Let's not forget someone's acting all tough and threatening to punch people, etc. didn't even have the balls to say anything to anyone's face; even when it came down to taking my advice, we had to do that via text LMAO.

So for all you newbies or minions, watch out.  Whether you're in the circle or not, you're not safe from her criticism. 

"Do YOU know who your real friends are?"


In other News, I promised you a real blog post:

I am not the same person I was a year ago. Better yet, I'm not the same person I was a week ago [about a week ago, week ago!].

I like to think I look different: my weight fluctuates, my hair is a little longer - well shit, it was bright red at one point [I never thought I'd ever go that extreme], my eyebrows are thicker [no more chola for me], my ass looks sad, my style has evolved, etc.

Even the way I think has changed; probably because I've matured more [I'm a big kid now].  I'm 26 now.  Just seeing that in writing makes me feel old.  I still can't believe I have a 9 AND 1 year old...  I can't believe I ever got married - of course I wanted to get married and expand my family, but with the way things were before I never saw it actually happening.

Not everything has changed about me.  I still speak my mind [as shown above].  I still have a Resting Bitch Face.  I still laugh when people say "do, do" unintentionally while speaking.  I still like eating pizza rolls.  I still have the same "bad" attitude.

We all march to a beat of our own drum - I love that theory. 

My actions don't rely on what I think everyone else is going to think about me.  Honestly, you could ask anyone in my family or anyone that truly knows me and they will tell you that I've made decisions that they all didn't agree with.  That's just how I am.  I know that whatever decision I make, that I will be the one to suffer the consequences [I learned that at an early age].

That is one thing I like to think of about myself that is actually a good quality to have. 

I have some days where I'm overwhelmed with peace of mind and other times, I let my feelings get the best of me; where I crumble to pieces. I think that each day we get a choice of what path to take.

Do I want to make today my bitch or do I want to succumb to feeling defeated?

There are days when I wake up, I'm ready to get shit done.  I'm on a mission to kick the day's ass.  It doesn't matter if you happen to be in a shitty mood; I refuse to let your mood bring me down.  I'm going to own today!

Then there are days where I slowly roll my ass out of bed and drag my feet as I walk to the restroom just in time to see the bitchy look stuck on my face.  I'll slowly walk downstairs and make coffee while trying to convince myself that today will go by quickly [totally wrong, btw].  On days like this one, there's nothing that will change my mind.  The feeling of blah has already settled in and made itself cozy.

We all go through these days or this me horribly trying to convince myself that I'm not riding solo.

I guess my point is: be you.  I will never change because someone else tells me I need to.  I am who I want to be and it's entirely up to me.  If I want to be some freaky dominatrix/mistress of the night on some Fifty Shades of Grey type shit, then I will.  If I want to go on American Idol and sing my heart out as if I'm riding in my car, then I will.  If I want to be completely and utterly boring, then I will.

You only have one life to live, so make it count.

Or... [wait for it]...



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