Monday, February 16, 2015

Eenie Meenie Miney Mo


Tons of FYI's: 
--Happy 50th Post :) and
--Happy 'belated' Valentine's Day; hopefully it was sweet/fun :)
--Not only was it V-Day, but also my 2 Year anniversary with my sexy hubby :)

So while a lot of you are at home today, nice & warm, due to the holiday... I'm at work [booooooo!] for a while ;)

Anyways, due to hitting my 50th Post today let's talk about:

Step Brothers
Pitch Perfect [I can't wait for part 2]
White Chicks
Twilight [I'm a nerd]
The Notebook
A Walk to Remember
Finding Nemo
Identity Thief
The Heat
Step Up [helluuuur Channing]
Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding
All Of Me - John Legend
Fancy - Iggy Azalea
I Would Do Anything For Love - Meatloaf [taking it back old school]
Blank Space - Taylor Swift
Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran
Wicked Games - The Weeknd
Marilyn - G-Eazy
Me & You - Cassie
Let's Get Lost - G-Eazy
TV Shows:
How To Get Away With Murder
The 100
The Vampire Diaries
The Originals
New Girl
Once Upon A Time
The Blacklist

Food: [this one was tough, plus I'm starving]
Chicken Alfredo
Lasagna Fritta
Arroz Con Pollo
Lumpia [made by my mama]
Tinola [made by my mama]
Sinigang [made by my mama]
Rusty's Pizza :)
Buffalo Chicken Dip [when I make it]
Lemon & Herb Chicken
Zuppa Toscana [when my sis makes it]
My Posts:

I didn't realize it was this difficult trying to find the top 10 of my faves [haha the struggle is real].

On a more serious note, while I'm on the topic of Favorites...

If you have more than one child in your family then you know what I'm talking about.  I'm sure the word has come up at least once or twice.  Growing up I heard it a lot - Actually, I STILL do.  I guess in every family there's always a "favorite".  In my family, I'M usually accused of being my Dad's favorite.  However, try telling my Mom that my baby brother is her favorite and World War III will begin.

Why the accusation?

1.) I'm the baby girl
2.) I'm also amazing, duh. 
3.) And... I don't know...

I guess that's something my siblings would have to explain [this is the part where my siblings leave a comment since they READ my blog!].  The process never really makes sense in any situation; your parents' are the ones who supposedly have a favorite, yet you would blame the alleged favorite child..?  [haters gonna hate lol]

So since I was constantly berated for being a "favorite" growing up, I now have this constant, nagging phobia NOT to have any favorites when it comes to my boys.  I have to remember that when I do one thing for my newbie, that I do the same or something similar for my little big man.  For me, it's as petty as making sure if I upload a picture of my newbie that I also upload a picture of my little big man; to make life easier - take a picture of them TOGETHER

Yes, I'm that ridiculous.

When I had my little big man, I didn't know all the stuff about babies.  I never saved a chunk of his hair [which I still find that tradition weird as hell] as a keepsake after his first haircut, throwing an over-the-top party for turning a year old, making a mold of his hand/foot print, or investing in a baby book.  I was more focused on learning to grow up at the speed of light [which I'm still learning].  However, I did get lucky though; my sister made me an adorable scrapbook of my little big man for his first year.  I treat it as my baby book for him.

Sooo this happened...

I remember the conversation so clearly:  We were shopping at Wal-Mart for the thousandth time that week and we came across a baby book and a kit to mold the baby's hand/foot when they're born.  I just kept walking along when my husband stops and says "Hey babe! We should get this" and instantly I have this guilty knot growing in my gut.  I purposely tried to avoid those things.  Why?  I have this rule [?] burned into my mind that since I didn't do it for my little big man, then there was no reason to start now.  It wouldn't be fair


When you have more than one child it's always some kind of circus act trying to balance out everything so that it's FAIR.  I'm just glad that there's such a huge age gap that I only have to hear it from one of them - for now.  My Dad STILL tries to make sure everything he does for each one of us [there's so many] is fair.  We're all over the age of 20 and some of us [NOT mestill bitch about what the other one got [which leaves me no hope, grrrrreat].  It's a mad house!  Right now for me, it's not really a struggle - if that's what you want to call it.  I can only imagine what it was like for my parents.  Now, not only do they still try to keep up with us, but now they have to factor in all the grandchildren [tee hee]

Not only do I worry about ME showing favoritism; I have to worry about OTHER people showing favoritism!  I highly... [I can't reiterate enough] HIGHLY dislike when other people have favorites when it comes to my kids.  It goes without saying.  It's more than a pet peeve - it actually hurts my feelings.  They're BOTH my babies and mean the world to me; so I guess I don't understand where the disconnect happens when other people come into the picture.  My little big man notices.  He's only 9, but you'd be surprised to hear some of the things he repeats or talks about.  So it kind of sucks when you have to explain why everyone did something for his brother, but "forgot" him.  Obviously birthdays are a whole different ball game.   

There are some instances where my newbie requires a little more attention - or maintenance.  I mean he still is a baby!  However, sometimes my little big man doesn't really grasp the concept and wonders why we don't make our newbie do homework...

"kids, they say the darndest things" lol


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